Friday, April 23, 2010

Thankful for Work

I wrote this post last Monday, April 19, 2010. It was a different situation then. At that day I was so anxious, now not any more. But I'm more thankful now.

As reported by Manila Times, unemployment is a “time bomb” for RP having about 52 million people in 2030 seeking for jobs, so ADB says. The study was done by a principal economist of the organization and the question now lies if Philippine economy could sustain the need for more jobs at that time. The prediction, at this rate, is not that positive. Something that the government does, which involves slashing budget deficit to control inflation, isn’t right. Experts say that economic policies should be giving more emphasis on developing human capital to avoid skill mismatch, which is also identified in the report, as a main contributor to unemployment. With unemployment, there goes poverty and the cycle continues.

Frankly, this is not an issue anymore. It’s the truth. Unemployment is everywhere even in the most powerful countries. United States is now having this news every single day. The rise in unemployment and underemployment has clearly changed the professional landscape of these countries. More and more people, noticeably Americans, have resulted to being underemployed, which is now considered a blessing. Others have taken a different route and opened other people’s eyes to consider “flexible” or part time jobs that could be taken as private consultancy. Unemployment and underemployment are everywhere. Sometimes the news becomes too ordinary that’s why I don’t pay much attention to statistics anymore. You just pay attention to what’s going on with your own career and to those people who matter to you.

This news is very timely especially for me. I am in throngs of emotional and psychological battle in terms of switching careers. This may be due to constant hunger for change or a personal financial strategy. Whatever my reasons are, it led me to where I am now. I am waiting and anxious of the next step. It slowly consumes me that it isn’t healthy anymore. My mind is flying to different directions and possibilities, which make me realize that I might be a little bit hasty and un-thankful.

This unemployment and underemployment news further drove the point that I should still see myself as blessed no matter how I feel. Instead of looking forward to what may become and wishing for something better that I believe I deserve, I should still be thankful with what I have. I should still be thankful that I have a job that pays my needs and supports my chosen lifestyle. I have a job that provides room for growth and productivity. I thought I could easily be unemployed. I have friends who have and still suffer from retrenchment. I have friends, for some reason left their jobs, and until now couldn’t secure any position in this cutthroat market where good offers become limited due to the influx of job seekers. Being reminded of this reality, doesn’t give me any right to feel frustrated with what I have. I should be ashamed of myself for procrastinating and feeling negative about my situation when in fact there are more things I should be thankful for. I also believe I am not underemployed, which at least spares me from the added blow to the morale. I may think I’m underpaid compared to some who are newly hired with bigger demands, but I’m certainly not underemployed, which gives me more reason to suck it in.

In this world, I have no right to complain really. I have a stable job that should be treasured no matter how hard I can stomach it. It’s either this or going hungry-crazy. Unless I have the capability to shift careers to sales or market myself as a confident consultant, this is as secure and stable as I can get. If good opportunity comes I’ll welcome it in open arms, but until that time comes there’s no reason for me to neglect what I have right now. Tomorrow is an opportunity while today is a blessing. I should always give weight to that glaring distinction.

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