Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vacation Preparation

I went to the office this morning feeling careless and preoccupied. I admit my mind was not concentrated with work anymore but on my upcoming long weekend vacation. I thought about what I'd pack and what other things left for me to buy. I wasn't thinking of deadlines breathing down my neck or my task list for today. To tell you honestly, it was double torture for me since some of my friends and colleagues are already there today. Nevertheless, I had to work my ass off and finish what I had to finish. I had to endure a late lunch and missed bathroom breaks. I believe I was not also able to talk lengthily to someone today. But due to perseverance and sick love for self-torture, I was able to finish everything by 6 pm. I did my hand off, organized my out-of-office assistant in Outlook, grabbed my earphones, printed my airplane tickets and bade my boss a happy goodbye. By 6 pm, I walked (skipped) towards the shuttle that was waiting for me just right outside our building to take me to the nearest mall from our village where I will meet my sister for a manicure and pedicure session. Perfect.

Today started painful, but it ended up very fulfilling. Though my mind was already not 100% with work, I was able to finish and accomplish my goals. The only thing left for me to do is face the inevitable. Packing. It may be not my most favorite thing in the world. In fact, I dread it, but I'd rather go through it than stay here another weekend and be possibly called to work.

God knows I need a break. I need to see nature. Though I'm not a fan of the beach, I'm really looking forward to unlimited good food, shakes, massages and wearing shorts and flipflops all day long. Boracay has become an annual therapy in a way.

Besides, I heard weather's here going to be excruciatingly hot this weekend. Some say it would reach 40 degrees. What at torture. At least I'll be in shorts at that time and I could hog the air conditioning in the hotel room, something that I rightfully paid for. And since my parents and brother are in Hong Kong and enjoying themselves while I'll be in Boracay this weekend, I offered words of honesty to my sister who will be staying in Manila: "Sucks to be you! "

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