Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To the Jail: Jason Ivler and Co.

After my afternoon hang-out, I went home and was able to see the footage of the bloody Jason Ivler, the suspected murderer of a couple of motorists due to road rage.

I just want to say that no person with a right mind would kill and harass people because of road traffic. No person in their right, moral and just mind would make fun of the law and act as a coward. And no person in the right mind would try to engage in a bloody fight to keep his freedom he does not deserve. Jason Ivler and Co. are not OBVIOUSLY IN THEIR RIGHT MINDS.

I cannot help but feel relief and hatred when he was caught. I want him alive, that's one, and good thing the media's there for all of us to see the action. Without the media, I believe it would be complete chaos and further bloodbath. I want him alive for him to be aware and possibly regret what he did. I want him to repent even privately and burn his own thoughts knowing that he killed people and toyed with the nation. I want justice to be rightfully served with his eyes wide open. I want him to painful suffer withdrawal from drugs and his effects of craziness. I want him to correct his overly corrupted mind.

The mother is not any better. At some point I would understand the maternal protection every mother inherits for their inconvenienced and attacked children, but not at this extent. Not to the point of hiding their child and condoning the very same immoral choices that they should be correcting. His mother is not in the right mind to act as if she's innocent, crying on national TV begging for her son to go home, when she knows he is hiding in their house basement. We've proven that and sad to say she is not playing an Oscar Part. The only place that would acknowledge her acting prowess is in jail. Let Mother and Son reunite.

I am ashamed of these people. I'm utterly disappointed of their heinous acts. We are not perfect, but we must not be law offenders and murderers. They are not in their right minds to deserve freedom. I hope Jason and Co. will get the sentence they so rightful deserve.


Anonymous said...

Good brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Thanks you on your information.

Meryl said...

Hey Kaye, Em here. Got wind of your blogged when I googled "Jason Ivler" Weird, huh? Anyway, I didn't know that he was the suspect in Pons' dad's death. I find it so insane!

opinionatedbanana said...

Apparently he is the alleged murderer. My tito was the one who told me about it. After this Ebarle incident, my tito said that Ivler was the one who also crashed towards a politician's car in QC, Ponce's the name. I was like.."okay..." and funny thing, Ebarle's brother is my sister's friend at school so this is closer to home.