Monday, January 25, 2010

My New Toy: Ipod Nano

When my dad went to the states 3 years ago, he bought me an IPOD Video with speakers, car connectors, cases and the works. Of course I was happy. I finally got to experience the hype about IPOD and it served me well until I left it somewhere to rot. I'm not the type that enjoys downloading songs and movies, took me some time to know how. I depended (ordered) on techie-boyfriend to do the downloading for me until I got tired carrying it around. I may be a music lover, but I am one of those few who could bear living without an IPOD.

It wasn't always the case. There was a time I always brought my ipod with me especially at work. Probably my IPOD Video's LCD was cracked due to my inefficient tech-care. No matter what I say, it all boils down to that. Although it might be defective, it's still working. I can still watch videos only that I have to endure seeing a black line at the center and that unfortunately is something I cannot endure. It annoys me tremendously and seeing it makes me want to throw the unit away. Whenever I look at it, it reminds me of how under-utilized yet majorly battered it was under my care. The IPOD video eventually was adopted by the techie-boyfriend before it's too late.

There are days that I miss it especially on crucial moments when I need it. When I'm pissed at work and I need a breather. When I'm feeling sentimental and would just want to listen to something and daydream. When I want to escape a conversation or endure long drives when I couldn't read. Mitch got charitable and gave me his 1st IPOD ever, until the battery went kaput. Soon he bought his I-Phone and IPOD touch and I was just left borrowing. Buying is not an option for me because it isn't my priority, and frankly I don't know if I want to go through experiencing an IPOD dying on me again.

Before my flight back to Manila, Mitch said that he had a surprise for me. Knowing Mitch, he is a practical dude. He might have a tendency to be impulsive when it comes to tech-stuff, but when it comes to gifts and spending money, he is very practical and very choosy. He is like me in some ways that he doesn't give gifts that would just end up on the shelf. He gives me something that I would use and want. But there was no occasion. As far as I was concerned, we already exchanged presents last Christmas. Curious, I demanded to know the reason for the surprise instead of finding out what the surprise really is. He wouldn't budge until he began to gracefully insert questions in our conversation about what I'm currently listening to. Apparently he wasn't subtle enough. I knew as soon as I land Manila, I would have a new IPOD.

I was surprised that he would give me something like this with no occasion at all. He said he wanted to celebrate and share the fruits of his photography gigs with me. And he knows that I miss my ipod. An Apple loyalist, it was an easy choice for him.

He got sheepish because he wasn't able to get me the green one, but he got me a cool eggplant color instead and I love it. Giving me the IPOD is a gift itself, but he also took the effort to upload categorized songs and my favorite movies such as Neverending Story and Reality Bites. He downloaded a full season of Family Guy for me. In short, he gave me a loaded-cased-Ipod Nano. It made going home to Manila more exciting. I wasn't expecting this, but I cannot thank him enough. It felt Birthday and Christmas all over again.

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