Friday, January 22, 2010

Status Check: 3rd Week of January

I bought a Grande Hot Caramel Macchiato with extra espresso shot in Starbucks, an upgrade to my usual tall drink. I need to wake up and keep my mind rolling as I also need to reward myself. The reward may be a little off budget for my morning expense, but either this or sleeping miserably on my workstation. For today I drove my sister's car and left our house at 5:45 am. I got to the office at 6:30. The streets are still cold and gray. I'm grateful for having the will to wake up early in the morning, being able to drive the car without traffic stress and enjoying the streets with less people. I need a few moments of peace before I start to work. Ever since I got back from Cebu it has been undesireable.

I know this is just a transition phase. A lot of work piled up while I was gone and I need to catch up fast. January is almost done and I think I've successfully managed the first month of the year well. January has ushered my expectations and made me realize things that I should do for the rest of the year. January is also a mark a positive traveling year for 2010. Two destinations in the first month of the year is more than I could ask for. I would leave the rest of my first quarter to saving, writing and opportunity seeking. For January, I am also almost done reading my third book. Fortunately, I've successfully incorporated the reading frenzy back in my life again. Before January is over, I would have been finishing on my fourth book.

As for my Starbuck's planner, it's still here, but updates should be made. I admit that I'm slowly losing my grip on my plans of becoming a planner user. Family life has been steady so far, no further dramas and insurmountable crisis. My sister is coming home from Cebu this morning. Her partying life would be toned down for sure as all things will go back to normal. I wish her luck on her interviews and I wish her January is as fun and steady as mine. As for my weight wellness program, I'm still trying to gain my momentum. After Christmas and Cebu, I'm having difficulties refraining from eating luscious dishes and losing the right mood to sweat it out. Give me a few more days to get back into a healthier routine. Deadline is on or before February, which is next week. I also have yet to budget my trip to Hong Kong next week and pay my accommodations. Aside from that I have to buy a couple of jackets and apparel for Winter. This weekend I am also scheduled to pay a portion of my credit card bills and phone bills. And before I leave for Hong Kong, I would have to bring Harvey to his doctor for his annual booster shots.

January has been busy, mentally steady and fun. The work may be heavier than usual, but the work challenge should always be good. I should be grateful that I still have what it takes to perform and do extra activities in between. Relationships this month are comforting and steady while career opportunities are floating and beckoning. Goals are right on track. January has been a steady month of transitioning, a good start of goals, a month of positive memories and a challenging planning stage to live the whole year as intended.

I think the extra shot pulled through. Now I'm more ready to face the day.

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