Sunday, January 3, 2010

Reading Project 2010: Coraline

I am a fan of Neil Gaiman. I love how he sees the world through stories which open up the minds of children and adults effortlessly while still incorporating on the beautiful and jaded things that make humans interesting. His writing is direct, easy and imaginative.

I've been a fan since his Sandman series came out. Then he opened up my world by introducing good writers in the same genre. Books written by Terry Pratchet, Marion Z. Bradley and Clive Barker have a good presence in my shelf. Gaiman stories have always interested, excited and piqued me effortlessly. He continuously inspires me to constantly think out of the box and be more courageous.

A couple of days ago I just finished reading Coraline, his pseudo-fairytale book. I liked it. It's definitely directed to children; and just like fairytales there are good lessons to be derived from it. But what makes this story different is that it clearly stamps Gaiman's writing style and gift of representing things in a more dry and twisted manner that it tends to scare and be more appreciated by adults and somechildren alike. In this story, he represented a child in a more aggressive light. He gives credit to children, for in his eyes, they are smarter and more assertive than we really think they are. It reminds adults of the children's strengths and needs.

It's an easy read. You could finish it in a day if you're free. Serves as a good adult fairytale and a somewhat alternative bedtime story for kids. If you like Alice In Wonderland, you'll like this. This is the fairytale that goes beyond rescues and cheerful songs. This would definitely open up minds. I know for sure that it's a definite breather from Disney.

I bought my copy of Coraline four years ago. I saw the book in Powerbooks and didn't think twice even though at that time I had no plans of buying. I kept it with me until the perfect time came for me to read it. That time came after four years, specifically just a week ago, when the book has already aged and papers discolored by oxygen. On my recent trip to Fully Booked, I find again that Coraline is one of the books featured.

READING NEXT: Girl with with a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier

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