Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Maybe You're Really Crazy

I cannot help but cringe every time I see Marlene Aguilar on TV. I can just imagine that as a mother she might be crazy enough to protect her son at all cost even if it's not right. She could be crazy enough to toy with the legal system and play around with the dangling hope of the victims' families eager to see justice served. To concoct possibilities, contradict witness' claims and findings that her son, the super brilliant US military soldier that she thinks he is, was framed by their British bodyguard. But I cringe because she is a classic combination of crazy and arrogantly egotistic.

Crazy people for her are intelligent people like herself. She missed a simple feature though. Craziness are celebrated and tolerated when it's not harmful to others, not fatal. Not all crazy people are meant to be geniuses. Crazy people who continuously hurt and fail to see the damages done to others should be locked up and treated. Unfortunately arrogantly crazy people are worse.

Jason Ivler was involved in two car accidents that resulted to the deaths of two men. His weapons of crime, his demeanor, his conduct and most especially witness' claims point to him alone. Yet he didn't give himself in to properly defend himself. He didn't even try to collect efforts to prove that he might even be framed. He inconvenienced people and toyed with the system on top of his alleged cold murders. What did he do? He hid in his mother's 1,000 square foot home and engaged in open fire with the NBI resulting to injuries on both parties. A lot of people want justice served and want his head on the platter. This is not something society could condone, even society with "crazy" people like myself.

And here comes the mother of all arrogance protecting her son and cooly answering interviews on TV. People call her crazy for doing what she did, for protecting and branding her son inappropriately, for projecting that he has done nothing wrong and he is an angel from the heavens. Crazy talk. But I think she has a rebuttal. Apparently she is an author of internationally acclaimed novels that brought prestige to the country. She believes she achieved far more than what people could do in their lifetime. She couldn't be crazy because she believes she is so intelligent. And if by being intelligent is a crime then she would surrender. Err...if she's just that intelligent, I guess someone should tell her that she missed the point and explain what intelligent really means.

She might be an author of those books, but that is not the subject. She is being looked down upon by society for protecting her son from the law. She is being looked down upon by society for concocting stories against evidence and because she doesn't hold any remorse or hold any moral obligations. People brand her as crazy, fitting description of a mother that loves her son at all cost, but to stress that she couldn't be crazy because she wrote those fantastically acclaimed books is somewhat elementary.


"We are genius[es], borderline insanity. My intelligence is way above most people. Does that make me insane?" - Marlene Aguilar

“Maybe that is why ordinary people can’t understand us because our level of intelligence is way above compared to other people.”

“My house is 1,000 square meters. I cannot possibly see every square footage of my residence in 24 hours. Jason was a member of the special operations command of the US army,”

“Jason doesn’t regret anything about his life. Jason is not like any human being… Jason has gone to Iraq. He has taken the most dangerous positions while in Iraq. So many times he could have died and so many times I have accepted his death and he is still alive… I mean I saw Jason walking toward the guns. I saw him charging forward. He accepted his death and he is still alive. That is the will of God.”

“I’m calling for the US Ambassador… Jason is one of your soldiers who fought in Iraq. He fought bravely. This is how they’ve treated your soldier. Defend him and protect him, please.”

"Aguilar also boasted about her son’s sudden popularity boost, citing that Jason’s Facebook fan club had gained a thousand members in a span of days."

Err? I think you missed the point, dear. Nakakaloka ka. And now she's friends with Ampatuan Jr. The world has gone crazy indeed. Truth is we're all crazy at some point, but crazy enough to be locked up? I don't think so, only a few like Marlene Aguilar.

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John said...

there's a term that best describe the likes of her.