Tuesday, January 19, 2010

P.S. I don't like you, Girl

In our lives we can't please everybody. We are individuals with different preferences, personalities and principles. No matter how charming and good-natured a person is, some will still go against them. That's just how the world works and humans live. We experience hate and that is normal. A person who doesn't dislike or hate is either a moron or god's incarnation, saint-like which is extraordinarily rare. Humans are subject to situations and challenges in life, but what we do with our hate is the thing in question. There are still boundaries set by morality. You must know how to constructively deal with it.

Like me, I dislike things, but I do it with passion. I get myself convinced and I hate with conviction. But I only discuss or express my dislikes better in writing. I don't immediately fall in love with a person. It always takes time. That is how my personality is built up. There are reasons why I dislike a person though. It could be as superficial as how she or he talks. Sometimes it's deeper than that. But when I dislike, I'm honest enough not to be associated with them. One thing that I pride myself of is that I'm not two-faced. I'm not plastic in short. Some may opt to keep the peace and go with the flow but I can't. I feel that life is too short and bothersome to pretend. Disliking or hating a person for my own reasons is not a crime. I might as well acknowledge it and deal try to deal with it constructively as possible.

There is this one girl that best I shove to memory. I don't like her. I don't like her presence. Her principles and humors I don't get. She performs acts of impropriety that I do not condone and she her voice is one pitch I don't want to hear. She is the type who I can't talk to about serious matters. Or she's the type whom I can't have any fun with. I can never envision her with me in one hotel room. Sitting beside her silently is already a pain. Naturally, I would just let it slide as we don't see each other that often even if we do belong in one group. I have to be civil, but not congenial. Being Civil is a must, but being Congenial isn't. The only thing that keeps us connected is our relations brought by a third party. If not for that, I'm hating one less person now.

There are couple of instances wherein she would pop up in my life doing something directly affecting me. Getting the car that she knows I want, being unfaithful in broad daylight and being stupid enough to endorse something she doesn't know anything about. I admit it ticks me off then it amuses me. She is something. She makes my life interesting. I'm not sugarcoating anything for everyone knows that we don't jive and it's best that we keep it that way. I won't be surprised if the feeling is mutual.

Writing this makes me feel better. I acknowledge my hate towards her, but I still feel sober with love for the world. She shouldn't matter to me anymore than a fly that I would eventually squash. But people like her make me feel more human. I do feel hate and it makes me more constructive and truthful to myself. Until the next boo-boo you do against me, girl. I know my feeling will never change.

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