Sunday, January 31, 2010

A good January

I just got back from a 4-day vacation in Hongkong! Actually it was 2 1/2 days if we were to count the time we arrived in Hongkong (midnight) and the time we left for Manila (early morning). This would be I think my last vacation for this quarter. God knows that I badly need to save and recover from too much food tripping for the past two months. Before I'd know it, it would be summer and it would be regretful to parade an undesirable version of me. Vacations would always be waiting for me anyways. I don't need to rush.

I should be happy. A lot of things have happened this January. Aside from the graceful new year transition, I've also done some initial steps to search for other career opportunities. It's something that I've been wanting to do even though some people are discouraging. For me, there is nothing wrong with trying to know what's cooking in the industry. As long as I'm equipped, ready and positive there is nothing to fear.

This January is also a month for celebrations because I just got promoted. I found out about the good news the day before my flight to Hongkong, which makes my vacation extra sweet. What's good about it is the feeling of pride and happiness. Thinking about it, working in a corporation is not that bad if you want structure and systematic growth. If you work hard enough and reach a certain goal, promotions always remind you of your value and growth. And nothing beats promotions at the start of the year.

Second, I have positively traveled to three major tourist destinations: Cebu and Hongkong-Macau. Local and International. This year is designated for traveling for me, no matter how admittedly it can directly drain resources. But I always tell them that the experience is always worth it.

Travel. Promotions. Realizations. Transitions. Gosh, I have lots of things to share, but right now I'm dozing off. I'm so tired from all the walking, touring and lack of remarkable sleep. I'm literally sleeping as I type. Tomorrow, I have lots of stories and pictures to share. For now, I have to sign off.

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