Friday, January 1, 2010

My first 2010 Post

This is my first official post for the year 2010. So how are you doing so far?

I welcomed a loud and festive New Year with my family in our backyard, sipping drinks while watching the upgraded fireworks. An hour after 12, boyfriend came over to fetch me for our annual sun-lounge thing with village friends. It's that time of year that I'm at least encouraged to go to bars, be more sociable and stay long enough to welcome the first sunrise. Everyone was willing except me. I was tired and I really didn't feel like bar hopping. Experiencing it twice in my life is already enough. So, I bid him a new year, grabbed my luscious Salmon Dip, some chips, a slice of apple pie, a cherry-lemon coke and went to an air-conditioned room to drown myself in cable tv by watching Dark Knight and Baby Mama.

Now here I am, waking on time feeling refreshed but bloated as ever. I didn't even have drinks last night yet I feel that my pajamas are suffocating me. I usually have this post-holiday-stuffed feeling. It never fails and it's nobody's fault but mine. At least I get to feel literal prosperity.

So what are my first activities for 2010?

Option 1:

I get consumed with food. That's not a problem. We have luscious leftovers of white pasta casserole, lasanga, pancit lucban, embotido, roasted chicken, leche flan, apple pie, chocolate cake.

Drown in Cable TV and Books. I do have to finish Coraline today and jump to the three new books that I just bought.

Blend in with the bed, melting by big fat ass in the mattress with TV remote control, my phone and blazing wifi.

Then end up cursing myself tomorrow.


Option # 2:

Pack my bags. Pack my books. Take a shower. Check in at Mandarin Hotel. Swim. Write. Read. Go Malling.


Option 2 seems best even though I have to do the packing and transporting things. Since I have work on January 2, my office is walking distance to the hotel, which makes everything convenient. Also, maybe I could get to support the metro manila film festival later and watch I love You Goodbye. My sister has also promised a steady night out with boyfriend, so I don't get to miss out.

This spells Relaxation, activities and endless possibilities in January 1, 2010. Now that's more like it!


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