Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sanity Checks

It's been evident in my most recent posts that I'm having tough days. After my quick trip from Cebu, almost everything spiraled to worse. Despite the vacation and the homecoming gift, work started to pile up, expectations started to rise and certain unpleasant social encounters have been experienced. It must be all of these with pre-menstrual syndrome, which make a lethal combination. My mood varies from extremely serious to silly and to bitchy. I guess few people would understand or bear. For the benefit of humanity, and myself, there are sanity checks that should help me assess my current situation. It might help me curb my social destruction.

1. WORK is a blessing.

I have work. I could say that I have a career. I'm thankful that I have means to pay my bills (Somehow), reward and support myself. I may not be a bigwig, but I'm learning. I'm stable and I have goals to make this year financially healthy. Expectations and challenges at work should not unnerve me. No matter what I do, stressing myself out wouldn't help. I should learn how to balance and work under intense pressure without bringing the negative vibes at home. I should not be obsessive about material things and to learn to accept limitations. Work is a blessing not a curse.

2. VACATIONS are priceless

Vacations are priceless therefore should be planned properly. I shouldn't book tickets out of a whim. I should learn to control to make traveling more delightful. It's not the quantity but the quality. Vacations should uplift the working spirit, not destroy it. It should a way to recharge and not be a permanent escape from reality. Vacations should be enjoyed freely and vacations should be eventually end.

Hongkong-Macau in Three days - Something to look forward to.

3. GIFTS from loved ones

Gifts, especially from loved ones, are treasured. It doesn't have to be material. Their presence, attention and love are gifts. It helps me appreciate life and experience genuine love and generosity. I should acknowledge and embrace it. It should help me focus on my goals and all things that make this world a happier place.


It's just the start of the year, but it's good to see goals slowly being accomplished....somehow.

5. LIFE itself

No matter how shitty things may be right now, I am still alive. I'm still breathing, feeling emotions and experiencing new things. Things will look up, I'm sure. Positive thinking is foreign to me, but it's something helpful at a time like this.

Five things that keep me going at a time like this.

Conclusion: Magnificently Sane.

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