Saturday, January 2, 2010

Post Vacation Dilemma

My office building is roughly two blocks away from my hotel building. I ought to go to work today, but I just finished breakfast, room service style, and the immaculate sheets are beckoning me. To make the idle matters worse, a colleague texted me that he would be reporting to work and can monitor the basic tasks for me. He gave his blessing to enjoy my remaining weekend. That is a welcome suggestion, only that I'm just two blocks away anyways. I can practically see my office building from my room. The guilt and desire to undergo transition early are strong.

Vacations have purpose for working people like me. It recharges us and takes us away from work that could be stressful and toxic. Vacation widens our horizons and breathes fresh perspectives. It makes us less serious and loosens our hold over things that control us in our everyday lives. Vacations are good-natured. Just don't take it too long.

Based from experience, the longer the vacation is, the harder it is to get back to work. Considering that the vacation is fun, relaxing and very heavenly, the professional and serious matters seem to be easily buried in ones mind. It takes a lot of effort to put work in the front seat again. That's why for me, a three day vacation or a long weekend is just enough. Mandatory work leaves of two weeks do not work well with me. I end up spending and eating more. I go to the darker side of relaxation and indulgence. The dark side is that I may never want to go back to the life I led before. In order to correct and reign vacation at the backseat is to wage a mental and physical battle with yourself and hopefully picking that right choice. The sight of me slugging myself to work after a long vacation is very familiar. It would take me a day or two to feel my workstation and get my mind back on work mode. It can be done and we all have different ways to adjust, but the point is, it takes time and mental pain.

Right now, already on a four -day vacation streak, I can still see myself going to work today. I would be dropping by Salcedo Market for Lunch then go to the gym for cycling. But I can also see myself skipping work and getting that free day to clean my room, organize my effects, upload pictures and read. It's a matter of preference, whichever way I win by being productive. This is, I'm afraid, where mental battles occurs. I haven't decided yet. Let's see in a few more hours.

For my colleagues who will be coming from grand and long vacations, I do hope they get recharged for work. Because based from experience, it seldom ever happens to me instantly. Before the effects of good sleep and creativity to seep in, a mental battle is waged. And it depends on the free will and the need for us to welcome work back in our lives, whole-heartedly.

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