Sunday, January 10, 2010

I dreamt of Snakes

Two days ago I dreamt of Snakes of all different kinds, shapes and sizes. It was so vivid and strong that I still remember details of it when I woke up. I narrated it to a colleague. He dismissed giving meaning to it because he doesn't believe. But as far as he is concerned dreaming of Snakes meant money, more of the acquisition of it. That's good. My credit card bill knows that I need money.

I just find it troubling that the dream was so vivid that I strongly remember it from my waking point. It wasn't just also in one particular scene. My whole dream was about snakes in different settings until in my dream, I've become more used to it.

The first scene I remember is in a beach with lots of people. I was coming out from the water and was about to cross to the dryer spot of the shore, when I couldn't move forward. I kept on walking from the watery part to the dry part until the sand beneath my feet revealed a giant body and print of an Anaconda..slowly moving. Naturally I found it alarming and ran.

The next scene is trying to dress up for another day and I found a coiled Rattlesnake in my cabinet, rattling and staring at me, preparing to bite, but I just stood there alarmed. The next scene is seeing the silent red with black stripes snake crawling in a branch. Afterwards it was Snake Invasion just like in the scene of the movie, The Craft.

I had to search the meaning somehow. My dream was full of snakes and it was so vivid. As far as I'm concerned I didn't watch any show that showcased snakes the night before. I believe I also didn't overeat and snakes were simply the farthest thing from my mind. It's enough to urge me to consult the dream experts somehow.

Basically from what I've gathered online here are the top explanations and interpretations of SNAKES in a dream.

1. REBIRTH - Snakes are known to shed of skin. It symbolizes rebirth.
2. BETRAYAL - Friends or someone really close will betray you in some way. It is also a symbol that others are working strongly to usurp you. You have a determined enemy nearby.
3. DEATH - Death of you and death of a loved one
4. WISDOM - Dreaming of snakes in most cultures is like dreaming of a realization or a solution to a certain problem that's been weighing you down. IF the snake especially bites you, according to Carl Jung, it's supposed to be good. It's a wake-up call.
5. HEALING - Snakes are also associated to healing and advanced science
6. SEXUAL - Repression of sexual urges or creativity

Unfortunately, no one said that it is concerned with money.

My dream was like watching SNAKE special on TV. It must be telling me something, but to be specific, I have no idea. It could be a rebirth since I've been egging to start the year and I have so many things to do to reinvent myself. I have to take full control and come out leading my OWN life. It could be Betrayal too. I will never know. My personality isn't automatically pleasing to others and I might have made enemies along the way. Human hearts and minds are fickle, I could be staring at my enemy for all I know. While Death is something that I do not entertain, it's something that I fear not for myself, but for someone that I hold dear. I hope my dream isn't about this. Wisdom, yes. I have lots of challenges this year that I would have to face headstrong. I know that I'm worried, but the desire of fixing it overwhelms the negative side. More or less I know what I should do; and maybe the Snakes are just telling me to go forth and face my fears. Maybe the Snakes are also telling me that I have the capacity to realize and solve those problems. Healing is also a good perspective. I want to heal physically and spiritually, which I'm trying hard to do right now. Sexual interpretation is something vague to me though, but I hope it has something to do with unleashing creativity and answering to the call of the senses.

It's complicated. Even though I read a lot of links that pertain to dream interpretation, I am no expert. Dream Interpretation is like a different science. It needs exact description of the scene. Every movement, position and reaction is required. It's like supernatural forensics. It would take me forever to dissect bits and parts of the scene and find meaning to it according to the numerous interpretation by experts. I'm just leaving this up to the forces.

For whatever this dream wants to tell me, I do hope that it's something good. I'm feeling that it is something good. Positive thinking helps though I'm not a big fan of snakes. I cringe in fact when I see them. Blame it on bad publicity. But the year is young and I'm just starting strong. There are lots of challenges and I'm doing my best to face them. If the snakes tell me that more challenges are there to come, so be it, at least I'm prepared. If it says wisdom, help and rebirth, I would welcome it even more.

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Marcia Dream said...

It's true that snakes in dreams can have many meanings.

Emotions are often the most important part of a dream, so the way you felt about the snakes in the dream probably has a lot to do with the interpretation.

You seem to have found the snakes frightening, so in this case, I would say that the snakes represent a threat - something dangerous that is sneaking up on you. Your unconscious is warning you to be careful of something.