Monday, June 14, 2010

Easy to Spot

I think I've been educated about Jejemons. Before, I had no idea what or who they are, but now I have a fairly good knowledge...I think.

I was at the nearby mall last Saturday doing some errands, and in a pretty wild crowd, I spotted a total of 7 Jejemons. I don't think they know each other, which probably tells you how much their kind is going global.

They're really easy to spot. In a maddening crowd, you'll see an elevated cap. If you see someone with a gently placed and pseudo-worn cap, then he's your guy. After which you have to look at the details once you get closer just to make sure.

Just a question though. Do these Jejemons know why they're called Jejemons? And what do they really feel about it?

It makes me think. 7 spotted Jejemons in almost 3 hours. They multiply like kisses.

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