Sunday, June 27, 2010


After more than 21 hours of traveling which includes two international flights, one domestic US flight and two stop overs, I'm finally settled in my Oakwood Apartment in Roebling Row Kentucky a hop away from Cincinnati Ohio. It's exactly 9 am here and jet lag forced me to wake up at 3:30 am.

It was okay. I love airports and traveling anyways. I could bear the long haul flights and the transfers. What I really don't like is the lavatory turns and availability, which are kind of expected. It's something that I would have to consider, which is to work harder and pay for better business class service.

As usual, Narita Tokyo Airport is modern and world class. The sight of Japanese airport attendants taking first class care of adults is amazing. JFK Airport in New York is old and hot. Cincinnati Ohio - Kentucky airport is a long stretch, but very beautiful, modern, clean and world class. But at 8 pm, even if the sun is still up, the stores are already closed even Starbucks. But I'd have this anytime than the busy and shackled NAIA, which badly needs renovation.

When I landed in Ohio, I noticed the greens and the large airport infrastructure. Ohio is a laid back town. It has lots of greens with a mix of new and old-vintage buildings. It's not a farm like most people conceive. It has modern infrastructures despite its generally quiet and classic life. For serious extroverts, you won't die here. There are quaint bars and coffee shops. Modern restaurants like Subway, Starbucks, Chipotle and McDonalds, mostly 24 hours, are within arms length. Museums and classic landmarks are to be found. Malls are a bus ride away, but the important thing is that I love the scenery and aura. When I had my farewell party last weekend, a friend tried to make fun of Ohio. Well just so he knows, this summer, we've got our weekend loaded with concerts, fireworks and picnics. Last night, Justin Bieber was here, not that I specifically care of course. In the following weeks, Sting, Paramore, Jonas Brothers, Eric Clapton and so on will be here. There are lot new things to discover everyday. Just imagine, develop Ohio by one more notch, you have San Francisco. I couldn't complain.

My work is based in the booming commercial district of Cincinnati, but the good apartments within walking distance are already booked because of summer. So I'm now based in the sufficient, posh and homey Oakwood apartments in the cozy town of Covington, Kentucky, which is even better. It's just a bridge away to Cincinnati. A 5 minute drive to the Cincinnati Commercial District. My apartment is just across the modern blue building you see in the picture below.

My neighborhood is lined up with classic red bricked buildings, quaint local cafes and luxury apartments. I could easily adjust. It's quiet and it's a perfect place for jogging or walking your dogs. I missed Harvey as soon as I got here.

To get to the office in Ohio, I would just have to walk 5 minutes to the TANK bus stop to get me to Cincinnati in 10 minutes. Some colleagues even plan to walk from the apartment to the office as their exercise. Not me.

Well, I've done my groceries and unpacked my things for more than a 2 months' stay. Now I'm comfortable. I'm drinking my iced coffee, watching Edward Scissorhands in a gloomy afternoon and thinking of taking out some Chinese dinner later. After the movie, I'll upload my weekend pictures. Life's good. It has been a graceful touchdown.

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