Tuesday, June 1, 2010

June 1, 2010 Essie finally comes home

On my previous post I was describing the anxiety and excitement of waiting for my very first car, a car I could really call my own. After writing that post, I slept to prepare for my graveyard shift. It was put to a stop when my brother broke into my room and just like a dream told me to go down because it finally arrived. It took me roughly 5 minutes to digest what he meant.

I grabbed my phone, the remote control of the air-conditioning and my camera. In my favorite green pajamas, I went out of my house in broad daylight just to see Essie gracefully parked outside of our gate. I was mesmerized. It was like we said "hello" to each other.

I carefully smoothed my palm on its exterior while saying praises of thanks and whispering to her all the promises of care a driver would show. I promised to introduce her to the rest of our cars. I know I had a freaky moment there and I treasured it.

I had a mental battle if I should drive around or not until my father came home and tested the unit. He wanted me to take it to the gas station; and I just stared at him stupefied. He knows that I'm really excited and scared stiff. He offered to do it for me as I was still clearly mesmerized. As a gift, he filled the gas tank for me since this may be the start of my happy poverty.

I just love the smell of new cars. This is definitely not the only model and color out there, but I have made that connection and that makes Essie different from the rest.

PS: I forgot to mention another reason why I like Ford so much. They have kick-ass air conditioning. Very powerful and right now, that's a major plus.

Special thanks to my father for his insight, additional cash and Ford connection, not to mention the free full tank! :)

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