Sunday, June 20, 2010

US Bound in 6 days

The primary reason why I had to give up Bangkok is because of my month-long grueling schedule. It is so strict and so detailed that I could not ever skip a day. Even if I had fever, I would have dragged my ass to the office. The strict schedule was primarily due to the fact that I'll be earning a complex process within almost three months in another country, in another continent and would eventually be migrating it to the Philippines. Seems a pretty decent and hard task.

This is not my first time to go to the United States, but this will be my longest time away from home and stay in a foreign land. 72 days or 10 weeks is not a joke. Just imagine the amount of effort I would have to exert in packing. I have to think of clothes, how it would fit in the luggage and other important things that I would have to buy here. Then I would have to think of how I would be able to "live" there. I don't know how to cook and I will not allow myself to go on fast food for 72 days. I don't know how to do laundry. I have a week to figure things around and rely on my researching skills.

Unlike most people, traveling is something that I really enjoy even if I would be spending more than 10 hours in the plane or wait long hours at the airport. Even 72 days of stay in a foreign land is not a disheartening factor. I could entertain myself perfectly fine and since I would be trained there that just means most of my free time would be spent recuperating, sleeping and walking around the neighborhood.

find myself lucky to be given this kind of opportunity. Not all people who are employed in a kick ass multinational company could get to learn a complex process from the main source. Most especially, not many people could get to travel abroad with all expenses paid, and be issued a multiple entry-10 year visa. I don't really have any reason to complain. I'm lucky. I'm happy, I'm young and I'm very thankful.

I've spent this weekend doing my last minute shopping. I shopped for clothes, toiletries and shoes. I secured a luggage and had a list of pharmaceutical products to buy before I fly out. I still have five more days to sort my bills, my documents and do the ever-final last minute shopping just in case I still have forgotten something, which is very likely. This weekend was also spent having a fairly good time with friends. Yesterday I hosted a simple get together in a nearby bar and invited some village friends and Citibank colleagues. It was fun hearing stories and getting a bit tipsy. Things like these don't happen on the other side. I'll surely miss their company, especially my loved one. I'll miss Mitch whom I get to spend most of my weekends with. He's my technical guru and food buddy. I'll miss my room. My basic home comforts. My Harvey, almost 2 year old Jack Russell dog, which I would cry over for days I'm sure. I'll surely miss Essie and be fearing that she might be driven by the wrong hands. I'll surely miss a lot, but I could handle it.

This will be my last weekend here. I'll see Manila again sometime in September for which I will miss the birthdays of my dog, my brother and my boyfriend. But it's fine because my personality and the most recent technology could make the isolation bearable. I would still get to be in touch and as long as there's wifi, there's Facebook.

Sure that I'll miss all of the people, comforts and activities I hold dear. I will also shed sacrifice and adjust big time, but there's no reason why I should wallow in negative thoughts. All I know is that I'm excited, I'm nervous and I'm anxious of this new experience. I just hope it will all turn out all right and I come home a better and more valued person.

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