Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Signed Sealed and Waiting

Signed. Sealed and waiting to be delivered.

I have already decided on which car to get and I have discussed and signed whatever's needed. Now I'm just waiting for the delivery.

I chose to get the Ford Escape.

A couple of reasons:

1. I am a Ford fan. I can attest that Ford cars are powerful, comfortable, reliable and durable.

2. My father knows how to maintain a Ford. In fact, we have already established a relationship with the Ford support team to assist us with whatever.

3. Despite what others may think, I like the exterior of Ford. It's classic. It's not too sporty and it's not dainty either. It's a professional, urban SUV, which matches my personality more. I'm not what you would call a weekend warrior.

4. I like SUV's ever since. If I had to choose between a sedan and an SUV, I'd choose SUV because it's a multipurpose vehicle and I like the leverage and exposure the driver experiences behind the wheel.

5. Ford enabled me to work around my budget. Ford's discounts through my father enabled me to own an SUV. Price is always a concern in my world and I want to get a durable car without possibly slaving for it for more than 2 years. 10 K - 15 k per month difference with other brands is a big consideration on my part.

But with excitement, comes anxiety and preparation.

I've been driving since 16, but I don't even know how to change tires or name parts of a car. The most that I can do are panic, bring it to the shop, bring it to the car wash and pay for gas.

Now since I'll be a certified owner, I have a lot of things to learn. There is no more excuse. I have to read automotive care tips and terminologies. I have to be knowledgeable since I would be using this car 24/7 and I would be the one to maintain it. I would frequent car wash joints and be be religious with waxing. I see this car as my partner and I can't be a suitable driver if I don't know the basic things. To add up, I will give treats to my sister's Honda City car for accommodating me all these years, before Funky Esmee arrived.

Since I would be paying roughly 30 K per month for my car in two years time, it's definitely not a joke. That excludes gas and maintenance. That's why I picked a car that I'm comfortable and happy with.

Ford Escape wouldn't require me to drastically adjust too. I've driven a Mazda Tribute before and the experience will certainly help.

Now I'm just waiting for my dad to drive it home. My friends are saying that I should be the one to go to the plant and fetch the unit. But I prefer to stay at home and let my car come to me. I am too excited to drive sanely anyways.

My car was supposed to arrive yesterday, but my excitement was subdued. There's been a delay with the color delivery. Ford promised to iron out my order and deliver the car within the week. I'm holding them to their promise. I can't help it if I get too excited. I even already have a name for her.

I love Ford and I believe I made a right choice. It feels so right.

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