Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Food Options

This is not the first time I've been to the States so that's why the food culture doesn't shock me. The first time I've been here, I recklessly indulged and I happily adjusted to the American Food culture that I gained almost 10 pounds in three weeks. I never pulled the weight back again. I guess the fat content was just too much.

Now that I'm here again, though not for vacation, I cannot avoid to be exposed to their comforting food culture. But at least I now have the sensibility to take care of my diet or maintain whatever it is to be maintained. Since I stay in a fully furnished apartment, there is no excuse for me not to save and dine it at home. At this rate, I need to size down while I'm here and choose the right temptations. After all, I have these basic food culture to consider.



They do love it BIG here. From cars to food, size matters. The first KFC meal I ate in Los Angeles was a shock. A regular combo meal consists of two huge fried chickens, a biscuit and an extra large coke. I asked for the regular meal, but that was it. And even if the serving's big, the prices are more reasonable when you convert or compute it. So if you regularly dine out, expect to be served with huge plates. Since the food tastes Western and familiar to our taste, we easily indulge, then we gain.


Americans mostly don't waste their time cooking unless you live in the suburbs, you have a flexible and lucrative job and you have an inherent passion for cooking. Americans value their time and this particular domestic activity isn't one of their main priorities when most are out there to carry out their second jobs. And why would they go through the whole cooking process when Americans are the masters of convenience? They have dishwashers, processors and almost everything automated including their meals. They invented microwave dinners which are already pre-cooked, processed food that you just pop in the microwave. IN less than 10 minutes, you'll get your Salisbury steak meal complete with veggies and potatoes, and they actually taste bearable. It makes complete sense for someone living a fast paced life. In America, I believe they value microwave more than stoves.


Pizza, Burrito, Chinese, Burgers are some staple food of Americans. Fastfoods and delivery stores are everywhere to cater to consumers who again, don't have time to cook. During vacations, my aunts will bring me to the best diners, restaurants and novel foods, which are mostly fried and fattening. Americans nurture comfort foods than something organic. Fast food is fast, cheap and served at large, which is a bad combination if this is consumed regularly.

Given these three considerations, it is with great discipline for me to learn how to control and dine in my apartment. It may be a way for me to gain more knowledge in cooking and be more useful when I get home. For the past two days now, I've had pizza dinners, lunch and a Subway meal. I'm craving for something home-cooked. Maybe tonight, I'll be lucky.

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