Monday, June 14, 2010

Recession's over

I promised myself that once I get enough money, I'll pay off my credit card debts even if I have to struggle for the remaining days until the next pay day. I was so determined that I went too conservative with my expectations and I was ready to sweat it off for a couple of weeks until a certain miracle from God arrived. I went to an ATM machine last Friday to get my expected money, when my eyes nearly dropped upon seeing a relatively generous amount. I got a friend over to confirm the numbers and indeed it was true. I thought I would be paying my debts in installment basis, but a certain miracle from God, something that I didn't expect at all, arrived. With the money I received, I would be able to pay off all my credit card debts, shop for new office attires, treat my friends and family and buy myself a new set of books, things that I thought I would only do one payday at a time.

So, first things first. I withdrew the large chunk to clear my credit card debts. I also used some and had one whole day of retail therapy. I treated my family and some friends to dinner and I just recently went to a bookstore and bought all the books that I wanted, the same books that I wasn't able to buy due to my most recent personal recession.

For others they already think I will put all the money straight to the bank, but little did they know I already spent 3/4 of it. It's not out of recklessness, impulse and frustration this time. 3/4 of that money went to paying debts. And I tell you, being debt-free is priceless for me. A chunk of it also went to meaningful sharing and some of it was used to buy me new clothes and supplies. I still have something left of it, but quite paltry compared to the original amount I got last Friday. I didn't feel bad, in fact I feel happy that all the money I spent this weekend was put to good use. Besides I got more than what I expected that instead of feeling disheartened, I am still very thankful.

I'm happy that I've sorted out my finances somehow. I'm proud that I did the right thing and I'm very thankful that I now have the means to do it. I'm now on my roads to recovery while being totally debt-free at that. I couldn't have done it on my own. I have so many reasons to thank God, you can't imagine. I've waited and sacrificed so much that the term: "God provides" has become an understatement.

This is the new me. Debt-free, from recession to recovery.

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