Thursday, June 10, 2010

NOYBI Administration

It's official. The votes have been counted and it's consistent. We are now under a NOYBI administration.

However, I'm not here to tell you the strengths of these two political guns that could change the country. The society knows that already, that's why majority elected them. We've had too much analysis already and expectations are off the roof. I'm not even writing to tell you how much I feel about them. I didn't vote for Aquino, but I did vote for Binay, but this is not the time to tell you why. There's really nothing to feel or think about. We're so done with wishful thinking already.

Now that they've been proclaimed, let's not pin all our hopes and expectations to them. We have a major part in this desire to change too. Even a grade school student knows that. People under them, working for them, with them and people they serve should have a unified goal, and that is to make the country and the Filipino lives better.

For those losing candidates who would want to file protests and create noise, you have every privilege to do so, but please show heavy and meaningful evidence. As candidates you should know how to accept defeat. Remember that protests are filed if there's a strong basis and not only produced by flaming emotions, hearsays and paltry coincidental documentation.

No matter how you rant, procrastinate and go on a hunger strike, you will not change what has already been proclaimed. It's not that bad once you think about it. Binay knows how to run a local government. His political will, influence and knowledge would help the Philippines. His connection and reverence to the Aquino family would make him cooperate with the President more. And both he and Aquino should know that the people they are serving are seasoned and wised up through time and experiences. It's not going to be an easy crowd to please, but a wise crowd that could help them nonetheless.

Let's all play a part in this proclamation. First step, let's all accept this single fact. It's now NOYBI. Say a prayer and wish all of us well. Then we could move on to bigger and more important things.

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