Thursday, June 10, 2010

Third Week

Despite the hectic training schedule and information overload at work, I'm not complaining. Probably because I like the people I work with. The office facilities and IT infrastructures are top notch. I love the food accessibility and surprisingly, the time works well for me except on days that I really have plans on a weekday night. I would just have to swallow those little inconveniences. For now, I'm hyped up. The real production work would come in three months' time after we've been properly trained, and I'm sure all the unimaginable stress will be experienced. But for now, I'm just enjoying this pace, which is a perfect time to get to know people (observe) and transition to a new environment.

My ex-colleagues keep on asking me how I'm doing in my new "home." I think they want to hear something unfortunate. But the truth is, I'm enjoying. Even if they throw my work schedule back at me, I would just dazzle them with the truth that I am adjusting this fast. I have advantages that normal shift doesn't have and those I hold valuable. In terms of social life, I only hold a couple of people that I need to see regularly and a little sacrifice and love here and there, I could definitely make it work. People think that I'm totally cut off from the world, but glad to say that I'm not.

My family understands the demand of my job and they don't question me. Sure they keep their fingers crossed that I won't find any reasons to resign soon, but in fairness to them, they don't really care where I go and what I do as long as I'm happy and stable. As a goal minded and independent daughter, I appreciate them for that. Ever since they've given me the tools and the room to decide on my career and in my life. And they can honestly see that maybe, just maybe, this is where I belong and I hope to prove them right.

My friends are also always surprised on my career moves. I can say that comparing myself to the rest, I move more and fast. I'm not afraid to test new waters and going for the kill. It helps that I don't have the social-relationship attachment when it comes to work. In fact I don't get attached too easily and if ever I do, I put career at the top of my considerations and I let go with a snap. Comfort zones are fine as long as you're still growing.

As for Mitch, he also understands the demands of my job. He is completely supportive of me and I am very appreciative of him for letting me be. In this case, I put more ounce of trust in him that he doesn't give up on little sacrifices especially with time. He knows that I act on my best interest and he knows that it'll kill me if he would restrict me from doing anything to advance in my career. As long as he knows that what I'm doing is right and that I'm happy, then he's very happy too that's why I'm very lucky to have someone like him. He inspires me to treasure life outside of work and he strikes a perfect balance.

I am writing these realizations over and over again, I just realized. Reading my previous posts I've been writing my transitions to my new job and my insights in life for days now. Probably I'd like to stress that I'm not lost anymore. I'm still wild and racy, but I believe I have wised up. Seven years of working is not a joke. I've experienced the worst and being the lowest of the low. I've experienced it all while my friends, my boyfriend and my family are still with me. They've all witnessed and adjusted through the times and with that I'm lucky that they're still here. Beyond my career advancements and personal achievements, I think I keep on writing about these reflections because of the people I hold dear. My reflections and gratitude never seem to end because they constantly remind me that I am such a lucky girl that no matter what happens, they would still be there. And believe it or not, in a life of a career-oriented girl, their roles are much more important than what I originally thought.

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