Monday, June 21, 2010

My view on Packing

Packing sucks. I hate it. I've made hate posts about it, but there's nothing I could do. Nobody is competent and willing enough to pack for me and I couldn't travel if I don't pack.

I was talking to some of my colleagues who will be traveling with me this Saturday. I found out that most of them love to pack, but hates unpacking. I realized that I love things the other way around. I love to unpack, but dreads packing. I realize that I like putting clothes in the cabinet, putting toiletries in the bathroom, organizing house stuff and marking my territory.

Another thing I learned was that most of my colleagues buy new stuff before traveling. I do understand that aspect only that I do it minimally let's say if something I really want to bring is broken or I usually buy undergarments. But others shop for a new wardrobe, sets of shoes and accessories. A colleague even said that he can't bear picking out clothes from his cabinet because he feels that the other clothes will get insecure.

In my case I did shop these past two weekends because even if I'm traveling or not, my wardrobe requires revisiting. Some slacks or pants are not wearable for me anymore and when was the last time I shopped for office clothes? I think it was years ago. I had to accept the painful reality that I've gained weight and I've got to get some new and durable clothes.

Packing forces you to make a mental picture of what you will wear. A week's worth of fashion show in your head is bearable. Two weeks is more than enough and a month would be insane. Lucky me, I get to pack for almost three months of stay. I got clothes that I will wear over and over again. Fashion isn't my main concern these days. I would get an article of clothing that is durable, easy to wear and easy to match with shoes and tops.

Aside from clothes and shoes, one of my main packing requirements is medicine. I suffer from migraine a lot and my allergies are like a ticking time bomb. I wouldn't know when I would get my allergic attack, but I'm not taking any chances. This week I would have to visit my dermatologist to get prescription medicine and tablets I could bring just in case. I have to remember to bring my nasal spray, pain medication and fever medication. Getting hospitalized in the States isn't worth it. Specific toiletries also come with this.

Aside from the essentials, I bought new books to pass the time. I also have to get organized with my gadgets and figure out my communication method when I get there. Laptop is definitely in. My camera too. Ipod and PSP are optional.

Last night I tried packing and most items I packed were shoes and clothes. I haven't packed my medicine and toiletries yet, which is bearable as long as I'm done with clothes. After packing I ate two slices of pizza and a chocolate bar. So much for a mental and physical work out. I doubt if I got everything though. I still have five days left to get organized.

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