Wednesday, September 9, 2009

After Noynoy made the statement...

I have a story that took place right after Noynoy made the official statement the whole nation had been anticipating. The story is going to be either funny or annoying, you decide.

One gloomy morning, a daughter wakes up, obviously late than usual, and turned on the computer to continue playing a game she's currently addicted to. While having breakfast of cold slice bread and pineapple juice, she sets her alarm to make sure she gets ready before lunch for work. She then resumes playing. A few moments later, just after Noynoy Aquino proclaimed his candidacy in the 2010 Presidential Elections (hwat??!), there was a squabble. The stillness of the household was disturbed by plastic chairs furiously touching concrete, a house dog barking and an on-site witness seeking for help. Apparently there was a sudden fight in the dirty kitchen.

While the daughter at this time was still oblivious of the ruckus, mistress of the house hurriedly answered the witness' cry for help. Upon reaching the screened door of the dirty kitchen, the mistress of the household saw the other female maid touching the leftmost area of her forehead. The witness tried to provide a quick narration. While the narration was going on, the mistress noticed that the family driver, a man with average built and age, was at the opposite side of the room breathing heavily and looking pale as ever. The mistress followed the driver's gaze and it landed at the fiery pair of furious eyes of the other maid. The mistress knew there was a squabble.

According to the witness report, the maid was nagging the driver to do his job well. It was heightened when the head of the house was about leave that morning and required assistance from transferring effects from one car to another. Instead of the swift response of the driver, who should have secured the task as his, the female maid was the one who eventually did the task. It did not prepare the driver of what he would be hearing after. After the morning rush, it was during their early breakfast that the maid, being a natural nagger and a sharp tongued maiden that she is, did not fail to voice out her disgust, frustration and anger at the driver that was never in her good graces. The whole household knows of this unhealthy relationship brewing under one roof that it was common to hear nasty side comments of each other, most especially against the silent, yet steaming driver. This morning wasn't any different until the rumble came into place.

The driver, upon hearing hurtful words thrown against him yet again, did not find the usual humor and restrained temperament he had before. He quickly lunged at the bickering maid. Upon seeing his furious attack, the witness tried to mitigate as the targ
eted female maid stepped back for defense, but without any sense of cowardice. But the defense came in too short when the clenched male fist landed on the strong maid's forehead. The sudden release of negative energy was enough to make the driver realize his unfortunate actions as he stepped back to regain his composure. The injured maid, who was surprised of the sudden outburst, was nursing the localized pain without taking her fiery eyes off him. His aura changed from anger to regret while the hatred of the female maid intensified. The witness tried to seek hepp and distracted her from retaliating.

Actually it was not a shock for the mistress to know the distaste between the driver and the maid, yet the mistress was bothered to know that a physical attack had taken place in her abode. She quickly demanded the driver to explain. The driver, still recollecting his senses, admitted his fault that he should never have laid hands on anyone, most especially a woman. The mistress stressed that unwanted stress and disagreement do not warrant any physical attack. Verbal attacks are hurtful, but may be put to a halt by seeking proper assistance. The pain may be severe, but it's not physically impairing. Physical attacks are of a different nature. It is a life threatening gesture.

The driver, feeling the disgust with what he did, left the house immediately to cool off thus leaving his tasks behind. The injured one took the time to tend to her wound, but still nurses the intensifying hate against the man who hurt her in a manner that is not acceptable.

The daughter, upon hearing the sudden turn of events, was tasked to do the errands the driver was supposed to do. She picked up her brother from school, tried to help release destructive energy from the injured one, which inevitably gave her more reason to take a leave from work.

The driver still hasn't come back yet while the strong-willed, now-nastier-version-injured-maid is back to doing her tasks as if nothing happened. The seas have calmed...for now.
I wonder what will happen if they set eyes on each other tomorrow now that their relationship has gone sour for the worst.

The end.

Whenever I hear this story on the spot, I'd crack. It seems funny that two adults are fighting like cats and dogs and eventually took it physical like younger elementary kids would do. The images do not reconcile, hence the comedic set-up. It is also funny that a maid and a driver, working under the same house, yet with different kinds of profession, should find the reason to attack each other even though neither one is above the other. And the mere fact that a punch that landed against the bickering maid eventually caught her spicy tongue. It is pathetically funny.

Yet this is a serious matter. It just shows how unhealthy and uncooperative their relationship is that might eventually bring more trouble for the household to sort out. Please, we don't need other people's stress. It is also freaky since a physical attack had taken place. Both individuals involved are strong willed. Who knows if they would find themselves in the same heated situation in the future, that neither of them would attack, fight back and find themselves in the emergency rooms. Witnessing the dark side of their characters, are the other members of the household still considered safe? Clearly there are necessary precautions and lots of counseling sessions to be done. If nothing works, sadly one of them has got to go.

Is that the only reason why the fight took place, you ask? I jest that it was not. I believe they have divided views on Noynoy's candidacy. Yikes like me! But unlike the physical squabble, the idea of Noynoy running is not funny.

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