Sunday, September 20, 2009

Traveling as a lifestyle.

I seriously want something. I want to travel. And traveling, according to my father, who limits his travel escapades in his hotel room, thinks that it's just an excuse to burn (waste) money. The problem is if there's money to burn in the first place. I have credit card muddles to fix, limited source of income, dwindling savings and apparently more needs. I have to plan and regroup.

Therefore this certain serious desire prompted me to adapt a new lifestyle. I plan to cut down on unwanted costs especially in dining out, which would in event hit two birds with one stone. I could maintain my physical well-being and I could save up. In exchange I have to commit myself to a full year contract with an establishment with no possibility of termination. This is no joke.

If I have successfully adapted this new lifestyle, I could probably check on the possibility of saving. This would entirely support my desire to travel and spend for more meaningful things (like getting a seriously good pair of rubber shoes, I just recently realized). Traveling is something that I really want and really need. It keeps me sane, relaxed, cultured and grounded. This is not something that I want just now for relaxation. I already see it as my personal growth as well. Traveling as a serious hobby, international or domestic, is what I would target from now until next year as part of my lifestyle change program.

Aside from writing, blogging and more fruitful eating, traveling is up there on my list. That is what I greatly aim to do next year while I'm still breathing, slightly capable and independent.

This is it. Lifestyle change to a fit and well-traveled me!

Looping in, my official travel guru and consultant.

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