Saturday, September 26, 2009

Amidst the Storm

The rain hasn't stopped since last night. Everywhere's flooded. Plans have been canceled. Facebook's screaming with flood status and crazy rain sentiments. My sister called and she got stranded somewhere in the village with the other motorists. I really did not fear. Based from her location, she's near mini-stop...and the important thing is, I think she can swim.

Harvey is snuggled in a rug somewhere in the dirty kitchen. He sleeps on his back like a king.

Nanay's been cooking all day like it's the end of the world.

Ma is in her rocking chair drowning on TV.

Ate Ne is making sure that one of the adults remains sane as she monitors the house.

Unfortunately Mitch was busy taking the flood water out of his car. Despite the car being submerged, it magically started and he's on his way here.

While a neighbor friend of mine, who seriously has a psychological discomfort in staying at home, invited Mitch to accompany him while he cooks.

JD is in his room watching TV and randomly goes to the desktop to play games and surf.

Frankly, if all of us could choose, we'd had a hot chocolate fountain overflowing so that we wouldn't leave our rooms and just converse through IM (which we did). I just hope the internet connection stays okay, but I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it goes kaput.

Good thing that my father is in Roxas City and somehow escaped the heavy rains. Although he's on paranoid mode and keeps calling if we're okay.

In between surfing and sleeping and eating, I'm reading The Pretenders by Sionil F. Jose.

Now, I'm in a better mood to write. But before that, I'm craving for good hot coffee just like the theme of Nescafe's advertisements. Nescafe really made sense with that one. But if I could just drive, I'd love to have a cup of hot coffee at Coffee Bean or Seattle's Best. Stretching up a bit, I want the one I had in Shangri-La Circles or better yet, the Blue Mountain Coffee at UCC, which my father introduced to me. Blue Mountain Coffee is quite expensive for my taste. I wouldn't have cared to order it, but knowing that his daughter is currently a pauper, he treated me one morning and my list of coffee favorites changed. UCC Coffees have unique strong flavors that coffee lovers would definitely love. It's not the usual commercial taste like in Starbucks or Coffee Bean. I can honestly say that Blue Mountain coffee is the best (and most expensive) I've had so far. But of course I would still have to try the other famed coffees in places like Vietnam, Sumatra, Brazil and Ethiopia. Whatever! Nescafe's fine with French Vanilla flavored Coffeemate, as long as there's coffee in this weather.

*Coffee at Shangri-La Circles

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Thank you so much for singing the praises of my beloved coffee. I am a Blue mountain Coffee Farmer. My family have been coffee farmers for three generations. I have always known our coffee was good, but it was not until I got introduced to the internet that I realized just how appreciated our coffee really is. Thanks again.