Monday, September 7, 2009

SIMS 3 Consume me

If I miss days of blogging and working, here's the culprit.

I'm a sucker for SIMS. My friend Vanessa So introduced this to me when I was in college and I haven't stopped playing since. As I've said, I haven't fully graduated and I don't think I ever will be. This is my ultimate stress buster and entertainment. I played the first ever SIMS version with random expansion packs in my ailing computer back then. Until I transitioned to SIMS 2 with random expansion packs as well. Whenever my computer gets reformatted, SIMS is one of the first things that gets installed.

I already liked SIMS 2. There are already interesting varieties and the graphics have gone way better than the first version. When I heard that SIMS 3 was being released with better graphics, version and playing options, I just salivated.

Now that I'm actually playing and exploring SIMS 3, I still have to find my rhythm. The are just so many things to tinker with that it takes me some time to create my SIMS. I practically spent the whole day in front of my computer swapping opportunities for real life interactions. If I already loved SIMS 2, what do you think I'm feeling now for SIMS 3? Consume me....

Next stop: EA, make this game virtual I dare you and SIMS lovers would never find the reason to leave the house again.

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