Monday, September 7, 2009

Rainy days and Mondays

It's raining hard in Manila again just the way I like it. After a quick stop at the office I went to Greenbelt to celebrate the delightful Monday with my favorite coffee concoction in my favorite table in Coffee Bean, but I guess almost everyone had the same idea. All sockets have been utilized and much worse, I couldn't find a decent table at all. I scanned Starbuck's, Seattle's Best, Starbuck's Fully Booked, Figaro and Cafe Breton, but zero. I was this close to joining Mitch in Bubba Gump, but fearing I might order something that I shouldn't, I continued my search. I needed a place that is relaxing enough, where I could eat a promising snack and a place I wouldn't overindulge in.

Cafe Bola's closed. Marciano's too much risk so that's out. Further walking led me to FUZION instead. Good thing their couches near the sockets are vacant. No more questions, I settled in. I've always loved their Fuzion shakes anyways, the berry ones with yogurt. I haven't tried their food, but it looks good and the fact that they've lasted this long in Greenbelt, then it must say they have a good following.

So I ordered the Black Berry with Yogurt Smoothie and decided to try their Chicken Fingers. Their smoothie was yummy and light, but their Chicken Fingers proved to be a huge mistake. The chicken is full of unnecessary fats and it tasted MALANGSA (bad kind of raw). I asked for it to be packed and ordered cheesy fries, which is a fatter but much better choice.

But how I just love rainy days. It saves me from staging a bitch fit even after I taste crappy food. I love seeing people wearing jackets and I love the gray color of the world. Everything becomes so laid back and cozy. I wish it's like this forever!

I've had too much of reality. I better get back to playing SIMS.

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