Monday, September 7, 2009

Steak and Photography

This post was supposed to be done last Saturday night, but then Mitch installed SIMS3. I've become untouchable and unreachable by then. So here it goes.

What intended to be a succulent pork steak with steak sauce and all, ended up to be a degrading pork chop with Mang Tomas on the side. I don't know what happened, but I think I overestimated myself. Just because I used herbs and spices to pan-fry my so-called steak, it doesn't mean it'll come out a steak at all. In fact, it should be beef not pork; and it shouldn't be fried, but grilled. Oh well, I'm still suffering from steak-craving after enjoying a dinner at Myron's Place last Friday. But my rendition of a steak, no matter how successful it would come out, will be no near to the kind of meat selection and steak recipe Myron's Place is known for.

Last Friday it was my turn to treat Mitch for his birthday. I was searching for the perfect restaurant, preferably something that we haven't tried before. I intended to hold it in Circles, Makati Shangrila's Buffet, but it was already fully booked for the whole month. So I resulted to researching for what my craving dictates, which is meat specifically succulent steaks. I 0nly know two restaurants known for serving first-class steaks. Elbert's and Myron's Place. Both restaurants Mitch and I have heard, but haven't tried. Personally, I'm not a big fan of red meat, and I seldom have a craving for steaks. It's usually my sister and brother who order it when there's a chance, whereas I reserve it for special craving occasions like this.

I checked the menus and based from reviews and blogs, I already had an idea of what to order. Since location is a big factor, I decided to go with Myron's place in Greenbelt 5.

According to majority of the reviews, Myron's Place really delivers. So even if we were hungry and it was raining that night, both of us were excited and very optimistic with our dinner. We ordered the Risotto with Chorizo, US Angus Black and Blue Burger and the Angus Beef with Bacon Medallions with Shrimp. Burger cooked well done and the Medallions cooked medium-rare. T0 cut the long story short, from the appetizer to the main course, it was HEAVEN. Mitch being an aficionado for hamburgers painted a face of delight and euphoria. I tasted the meat and it was tasteful, peppery and has a very authentic Angus beefy goodness in it. My medallions too were perfect with their perfect sauce and perfectly tasteful grilled shrimps and potatoes on the side. The Risotto was soft, yet flavorful with cheese and a sour kick to it. We came out from the restaurant super happy, FULL-filled and high with meat delight that it's hard to be serious and to concentrate.

While nursing down our food intake with an impromptu photography lesson outside the restaurant, we felt it was worth it. We couldn't care of the rain and the 1,500 bucks bill. Now that I've tasted Myron's, I'd definitely go back there for more. And did I mention that the interiors are so cozy and enticing? I'd definitely go back...soon.

Photos: Side blog

Mitch and I were having our impromptu photography lessons using my very limited point and shoot camera. Shots were taken right after our sumptuous dinner outside the restaurant. No photos of the burger and the steak. You'll believe me when I say that it was that good it just disappeared. Haha.

It's been one week since I chopped my bangs. It's still bearable.

This is the face of: "I WANT MORE."

This is the face that says: yes...there's still tomorrow and important thing is that I'm happy. At least there's still room for itsy bitsy dessert.

Just like to share, I'm getting annoyed with my point and shoot. I'm thinking of getting that Panasonic LX3. And just to clarify I'm not getting into photography and I'm not diligent enough to carry SLRs. Do you see me carrying SLRs? Hell no. But I want to be a bit knowledgeable about the basics in photography and I want good pictures for blogging and traveling. This is definitely a want and not a need. Let's see where my budget will take me. Better get rid of those credit card stuff first.

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xtin said...

I heard this Lumix is a nice camera. It's got great lens from leica. Good luck! Tell us more about it when you finally get one. :D