Monday, September 7, 2009

Ping to Kris: Ninoy's Lovelife

Amen. At least someone brave reacted to it.

I just got home from work, I think it was Thursday or Wednesday, when I heard and saw in SNN about the strong remarks of Kris Aquino against Noynoy's option of settling down. According to Kris, she personally do not like her brother to marry and that he should remain single. And she vehemently expressed her dislike or disappointment about the whole idea of him getting married and taking any girl too seriously.

That's odd. I think that's a bit too childish and overprotective for the wrong reasons. Noynoy, I believe is of the very ripe age to decide things for himself most especially his love life. It's a bit ironic that he might be running for presidency, yet he has to listen to unsolicited advices about personal things on national tv. He looks like a teen trapped in a man's body.

Also, I immediately thought of his girlfriend, councilor Soledad of Valenzuela City, who has already been uncovered nationwide. I may not know her and her achievements, but she is pretty and looks like a respectable woman. Regardless of her stature and personality, I don't think it's fair for her to hear comments like this. I hurt for her. To have a powerful younger sister declare on national TV that she doesn't like her brother to get married and she's somewhat disappointed with his personal affairs, is a blow on the councilor's ego. I don't know, but if I were in the gf's shoes, I'd be hurt. The public would somehow assume that I'm not good enough to get his family's approval. Filipinos are quick to read between the lines, you know. It might not be a direct stab, but it's hurtful nonetheless because she is involved.

Granted that in theory Kris doesn't like the match, should she still say it on national TV? If she likes her brother to stay single, must that benefit his brother if she shares it nationwide? I don't know the councilor but my sympathies go out to her. To Kris, I still have utmost respect for her for being truthful (as always), but then sometimes it's goes way out of hand. To Ping Lacson, at this situation, you earn my respect for being the gentleman and the braver one.

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