Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just a thought.

I was talking to a colleague the day after Noynoy announced his intention to run for President. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about this. A part of me feels that the candidacy is premature. There is no question that he has experience and he has the heart and will to serve, but there's still that anxious feeling somewhere that he might just be overwhelmed with the whole idea and support. I would've been more confident if he ran for Vice President or his decision didn't come in as a spur of a moment. I don't even know his specific platform or agenda. It's good that he's kindhearted, smart and not corrupt, but are those enough?

My colleague also has reservations about him running for President, but she admitted that he has a good chance in winning. With what she sees, the country apparently needs is an uncorrupted individual who has an equally strong experience in governance. What we also need is an articulate president who could best represent this country and create avenues for development. If there's no powerful reason why he can do this, there is also no specific reasons why he cannot. He is educated, experienced, well-supported and a nationalist. Noynoy has if not average, but impressive qualifications. But it's no question that his major selling points are being certified incorruptible and an offspring to the two powerful and positive political figures this country has ever known. Maybe we don't need old, utterly experienced and savvy candidate. Maybe what this country needs is just someone like him.

But if he does win, he has a lot to live up to. The support might turn into grand expectations. This is where his personal conviction should hold him down. The pressure will be intense much more if you're Noynoy. I just hope he can withstand everything. We'll just have to see.

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