Saturday, September 5, 2009

Can you live without a CP?

Can you live without your cellular phone? That's a tough question. Right now I don't know anyone, working or living here in the metro or even in the sustainable provinces, who doesn't have a cellphone. Looking at my two cp's beside me, I can't help but feel outdated. Our driver has a more modern cp than mine. My other cellular phone that's been in existence for five years going six is already close to dying. It's malfunctioning little by little. I can't press certain keys anymore and despite its dying state, I don't mind. I'm not the type to mind when it comes to going with the trend with technology. As long as it stores numbers, texts and calls, I'm good with it. I'm not the type who knows the latest models out there or even has an intent of buying one. My specs cover, text, call and notes.

And it would be interesting for me to know that according to the latest research done by Synovate, 47% of Filipinos believe their mobile phones would be harder to replace than their wallets. Though not something that I can fully relate with because I don't technically have a wallet, but nevertheless I find this really complimentary to the fact that Philippines is the texting capital of the world. According to the survey, Filipinos really love to connect and store remembrances such as phone numbers, messages, photos or videos. Filipinos crave for constant connection that a loss of a cellular phone feels like a loss of an arm.

It's also no wonder that almost every vital service that is crucial in our lives today would want tie up with cellphone subscriptions from banking to networking to make themselves more connected with their clients.

It's also interesting how cellular phones can be crucial in managing relationships. Everything's gone techie. People fight through text. I actually find that method more effective than verbal standoffs. It's like writing a letter, there's more cushion or thought when texting a message as opposed to firing up in person. Also people could store the text messages for proof in case the same argument comes up in the near future. People break up through text as well, which is a cheap escape route, yet very accredited.

Cellular phones are more than just a form of technological revolution, it's a cultural one. And if you ask me which I value more, a cellphone or a wallet? Definitely a cellphone. And if you ask me if I can live without it? Probably, in a couple of days granted that I'm on a nice vacation. Though I admit that I'm not a cellular phone addict, I'm still a paranoid person. And in cases of emergencies, cellular phones are vital to me. Only in that regard is why I think I cannot live without it.


xtin said...

That's a good question, indeed. I think I can live a week or two without one, but will need it for work, inevitably. But since my playlists are also in my CP, that's a totally different story. I can live without texting, but I surely can't live without dancing. Hehe.

opinionatedbanana said...

Hi xtin! Haha an avid dancer you are! :D Hehe, you know what they say. If you want to disappear and make people panic, throw your cellphones.