Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Alien world of Make-up

It's my hobby to read newspapers while eating. Primarily I intended to do that to avoid unwanted conversation, but now I simply must do that to save time. I went through my usual sections and since it's a Sunday, newspapers have more lifestyle and special features added to it. Business sections and headlines take the backseat.

While I was reading the Entertainment sections, cooking and gardening sections, architecture, art and chi-chi birthday bashes of socialites, I came across one particular section with pretty neat close up pictures and visuals. Lo and behold, I'm holding a 5 page section solely devoted to make-up and beautification.

Unbelievable. I saw images of the products with their models and I figured how much money these make-up companies spend for advertisements. They provide selling statements and brief backgrounds of each product and why they think it is a revolutionary breakthrough in mankind's quest for beauty and rejuvenation. Others cannot relate how glorious and important these are, but for most women, it's good rocket science.

From packaging to endorsements to following the recent trends, these products present us the break through secrets that supposed to make them the answers to all our beauty woes and goals. Age defying creams, gels, exfoliating creams, moisturizers with so-and-so chemicals like platinum with a hefty price tag. And I'm not talking about make-up products yet. Make-up is another world on its own. It's where science meets beauty and beauty enhances fashion.

Sifting through the pages, I felt I was reading something out of this world. I felt I was reading chemistry. I simply couldn't relate and my head hurt from too much information. Not one single product I saw there was something that I did use or currently using. Some brand names may be familiar to me from the number of times they've been advertised and from how my beauty expert friends swear by it. But honestly, that section was a challenge for me to decipher.

Make-up products for me is a planet, no a whole lot of universe of challenges and amusement. How can women know which product soothes them with all the ongoing break throughs, brands, colors, textures and even price? I asked my sister who has her own extensive make-up kit and never leaves the house without applying. She says that's the beauty of it. Women don't get to stick to one brand, they have lots of opportunities to try, which means they should buy more until they find out what works for them and it's a lifetime supply from then on until something better comes up. This explains her varying brands in her kit.

Make-up products for me is just too much. Their prices are horrendous. It's something I'm not comfortable spending for. 500 bucks for a lipstick is too much for me, and my sister says with that price it's not entirely the best. What is the best I say? She provided a list in terms of moisture, color and how I genuinely feel when I put it on.

Last December, having had my quarter-life party, my sister urged me to wear make-up since it's an Alter-Ego theme. She gave her time by accompanying me to make-up joints since clearly I wouldn't be able to know what I would be looking for. We went to several stalls in Rustan's and I was just bawled over by the prices. I insisted that I just use her supplies and buy my own sponges, but she urged me that I have to get my own set since our complexion's different and my skin is highly sensitive. I couldn't find myself spending 1,900 bucks for a double-working whatever foundation, so we settled in at the Faceshop in Serendra. The store has an extensive list of products and I overheard from a friend that it's a good brand for the price, and that friend is a make-up artist. I chose the extreme plum color much to the dismay of my sister, and paid 2,500 for everything: lipstick, an eyeshadow, sponges and foundation included. Unfortunately I only used it once, on my birthday, and never saw it again. My sister is the one who uses it, which explains her sudden generosity with her time. I just spent 2,500 for something I used only once and eventually given to my sister as an added gift.

I don't wear make-up at all. Not a balm, not an eyeshadow or lipstick. I don't wear make-up to work, to parties, to night-outs and even to major events unless it's a wedding and I have to be playing a major part. Aside from the fact that I don't wear make-up, I have very manageable beauty regimen, if ever you could call it that. I don't put too much cream, buy expensive soaps, do facials. I'm a soap and water gal so you could just imagine how I got whacked by the euphoria of beauty products that I think I should be using.

Beauty stuff is the least of my priorities, not because my skin is all porcelain and I am the all-goddess who in reality is at the opposite side of the fence. It's just that I have other things to think about; and personally, putting on make-up like putting contacts on, is such a waste of time and energy. I'm lazy I admit. That's why I applaud make-up artists out there and even those who are like my sister and mother who have the time and courage to test products and paint themselves. I couldn't do it if my life depends on it, that's why I have make-up artist friends to lean on to.

Being curious, I list down the products I use for beautification. I might be a hopeless beauty expert, but I do have a regimen, no matter how silly it looks.

1. Soap and water: A Bar of soap I brought from my brother's dermatologist. Acne and oil control soap.
2. Organic moisturizer with calendula and royal jelly: I've decided to go organic. I replaced my Nivea moisturizer and sun block with this organic product which cost less.
3. Organic night moisturizer with banana and royal jelly:
4. NO Make up

5. No Make-up

Er...that's about it. My sister told me I should use a toner, but never got the chance to buy one. Just don't expect me to know and do make-up either because I'm telling you, nothing could prepare you from my supreme lack of knowledge in that area.

So, for now I'll stick to what I have been doing all along and give this newspaper section to my sister. I know she wants this, and she might get to start reading again.

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