Monday, September 28, 2009

What a Feeling

I had no plans of spending or doing something extraordinary today. Fine, I was at the office at 6 am sharp and attended classes at the gym, hardly remarkable. But surprisingly a spirit came over me, something good and something moving. During lunch, upon seeing the news clips, I knew I had to do something. Practically a nobody and literally broke, I did almost what I thought was impossible.

I finished my work and quickly left the office at 4 pm. I took my car and asked Mitch to meet me at SM Makati. I just said I wanted to donate, but did not divulge anything specific. I parked at Glorietta and quickly shuffled my ass to the grocery where it was considered so crowded at 4:30 pm. I took a cart and surrendered.

In time of need, what are the things that would comfort me, but at the same time prove convenient to transport? I quickly bought boxes of juice drinks. I searched for drums of biscuits. I bought loads of packed noodles and bought toddler foods. Before I knew it, my bill skyrocketed to heaven knows where. God knows how much deep I am on credit, but for some reason it didn't matter. I know that I would eventually pay for those things anyways and it's just a small price to pay for being kept safe.

Upon reaching the counter, I saw respectable guys in barong unloading boxes of noodles, milk and such. Some mothers were buying their own grocery items and at the same time spending extra for packed goods to donate. Almost everyone I saw there knew they had a responsibility. Thanks to these good spirits, noodles and sardines were immediately out of stock. Milk, breads and rice were in high demand. All the clerks there knew we were on a donating spree. It made me feel lighter, no matter how small my efforts, I knew what I bought will go far.

To tell you honestly, it's the greatest feeling in the world. Doing the effort of buying relief goods, paying for it with your own money and taking that personal decision to share and help beats any opium of happiness and fulfillment. I felt like I was a millionaire with how I spent, but nothing beats the knowledge that the items will go far, will feed families and will comfort people somehow. Screw waiting so long on the line. Screw the unforeseen expense. It was a no brainer, but ended up to be one of the most remarkable feelings in the world.

Donate whatever, whenever and however you can. My sister, a fresh grad and jobless, is somewhere in Fort packing goods. She is sharing her time and energy. Others share their talents to rescue people and get the message across. Others share their resources. I suggest you to try it.

There is no excuse NOT to help. You won't regret it.

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