Saturday, September 26, 2009

Welcome Ondoy

It's only 12 o'clock, but it feels like it's early evening. The sky is absolutely dark that I had to turn on my lamp just to read. The house inside is steady and quiet, but outside is a totally different story. Everyone in the house appears to be in a restful mood finding their own corners to snuggle and wait for the rains to stop, even our dogs. But apparently the rain's just beginning.

According to reports, the storm's still gaining strength to cross towards Western Luzon. Whatever that means, it just means flood all over the metro. I don't really need to log in to weather news sites. I just have to log in to Facebook to see my friends' status on floods and rain emo-whatnot. Majority hates the weather, but you know me. I just love it.

I had tons of things to do today. I had to attend a gym class with colleagues (darn..wahaha). I had a lunch date with a writer-friend. I had decided to reward myself with hot UCC coffee and dessert in the late afternoon and I had a planned date with Mitch. All HAD. All the plans, understandably, HAD to be canceled. Traveling towards the mall is not advisable. I'm not even sure if malls are open. Besides, I suck at driving in the rain. I had a late dinner last night with colleagues at Fort and the initial stages of the storm already manifested. It was raining with moderate winds and it made my visions hazy and the grounds slippery. With my poor eyesight and impeccably dangerous driving skills, it was a miracle that I got home unscathed. When I woke up and saw the worsening weather condition, I knew my destiny for today is to just stay at home. I called up a few people and canceled everything with a steady and happy heart.

This kind of weather is never a problem for me. I embrace being stuck at home. I would immediately pull down the shades in my bedroom and snuggle in my bed. I relish the internet and be drowned by unread literature at the same time. (This goes to proving a point to buy books even if you don't have the present time to read it, you'll never know when you'll have moments like this) I watch cartoons, play computer games until my eyes and hands hurt and most especially I eat with a glowing heart.

Yeah sure, humanity had more things to accomplish today, but nothing beats good rest at home if all diversion fails.

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