Sunday, September 13, 2009

View my Life nowadays

Our house has been turned into a semi-gaming cafe that permits players to wear day's old pajamas all day long. WI-FI in our house destroyed our already lack of interaction. All of us, having our own laptops. Karla's mac, my dad's old Compaq presario, JD's hand me down Compaq Presario and my reliable HP netbook, we have finally gone our separate ways.

Aside from our personal gadgets we still have two desktops solely for gaming and sometimes surfing while printing on the side. Otherwise, we don't touch it. We know my father would freak out if he finds out that the desktops have been changed to game hubs.

In this workstation is where my brother and I play our random games. Left 4 Dead, SIMS3, SF, Counter strike and Zeus. Sometimes we play together online. We recently find ourselves glued to this spot 3 in the morning (thanks to SIMS). If I suddenly feel it's not healthy anymore, I go to the nearby room and watch TV or read just to make my day diverse...then go back to playing SIMS again.

My father said I'm entering into another twisted childhood phase. But with good games installed, sustainable gadgets to tinker with and kick-ass net connection, who the hell needs to go out?

Seriously, view my life nowadays. This is it.

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