Monday, May 24, 2010

1st Day Jitters

Today is the first day I start working at my new job at a new company in a new office building at the new and improved commercial location. That is a lot of adjustments to take in especially that I've always been a certified Makati-professional. But I have orchestrated this change and I will face it head-on. I know this is for the better and I would just have to suck in whatever uncomfortable feeling I will face that comes with the so-called first-day-highs.

I would always have this sick and excited feeling whenever I start the school year when I was a kid or start a new employment. The excitement comes because I will start fresh. I will have new materials and environment and basically I would be faced with new things much to my cerebral enjoyment. When I was still studying, I would always look forward to a trip to National Bookstore at the end of the summer to buy me my new school supplies. The night before the big day, I usually couldn't sleep and I would get excited and sick over something. It also happens when I change jobs. Though I don't go to National Bookstores anymore and buying new shoes and clothes will happen on the first payday, the feelings of excitement and dread would always settle the night before.

If you had a choice to bring your old group of colleagues and environment with you on your new job, then it would've been much better. You wouldn't exert too much effort to adjust to new personalities and prove that you could meet new expectations. But it wouldn't be much of a change now, would it? This is the prime example of being an individual is all about. There are things that we have to face alone. Our careers, our studies, our aspirations varies from person to person. As individuals there are changes in life that we have to go through alone. The uncomfortable feeling may happen, but that goes with change. It's up to the person to adjust and shift that uncomfortable zone to a comfortable one and that is something not taught in text books or training syllables. One has to go through it and conquer the fear.

Well, so much for pep talk. My work starts in less than 4 hours and I can still feel the jitters, but I'm okay. I know I've gotten this opportunity for a reason and this is not the time to feel weak and down. I have accepted the location and pretty much got the office structure in my head. I just pray that I could deliver and the people I work with aren't pain in the ass. If everything goes well today, consider me a very happy and blessed girl.

Can't wait.

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