Saturday, May 22, 2010

My MAC experience

As Conrad De Quiros wrote on his Philippine Daily Inquirer article about the Automated Elections, I am now quoting. "I'm eating my words and it never tasted this good."

I'm not talking about automated elections though. I'm talking about this particular MACBOOK that I'm using while I am typing this post right now.

I'm not really concerned with brands and most definitely I'm not a techie girl. My phone is more than 6 years old and my mini-note HP laptop was a gift because my boyfriend felt sorry for me for dragging a heavy Compaq Presario. He urged me to get a Macbook. Ever since he had his hands on it, he never looked at other high-end computer laptop brands ever again. He is a Macbook-Apple expert and advocate. Seriously, I think Apple should hire him. He had assisted some of his friends into a graceful shift. He was so successful in convincing others except me. He kept on building up Macbook to me until I got hold of the price of course. I figured, HP note is something that I feel I would use for a long time. I like the keyboards, the light weight feature and I just surf anyways, it's not as if I would require various multimedia features that Mac greatly possesses.

I started to become close-minded with MAC because some of my friends even my boyfriend and sister kept on dissing other computer brands. For them MAC is the coolest, the best and the most sophisticated. Whenever I share a room with MAC users, with all of us surfing, I would never hear the end of it. I know some friends who will pull heaven and earth to get a MACBOOK because it's MAC. There's bragging rights that comes with the brand when in fact all they ever do with their MACBOOKS are chat and update their Facebook accounts. That's fine, it's their choice as long as they don't try to diss other brands. In fairness to my sister and boyfriend, who are into multimedia, they use MAC for their work. Nevertheless, all MAC users feel they are better than anyone else. And for that I became close minded with MACBOOKS and find its users to be foolishly elitist.

I sincerely thought that Macbooks are just a fad and another way to boost people's egos. I never dreamed of using it because I was very happy with what I have. I told my Mitch that I would never touch Mac as long as their egos still thrive. But today it's a different story.

My sister went to Cebu for vacation. She left her notebook at home. Yesterday I wanted to organize my music library in my Ipod, which is also a gift from my Mac-afficionado boyfriend. I usually let him organize it for me, but he wasn't around. So I did the next best thing. I took my sister's laptop and began the activity, which would change my perception forever.

I've been using her MACBOOK since yesterday. I have to admit that I'm enjoying. Read this Mitch, dear, I admit and confess!!

I specifically like how the keyboard is lined up. The design is zen, which is I like and I've been discovering features that I could use that aren't doable in my own laptop model. I'm beginning to realize that I'm actually starting to like Mac. I'm not a multimedia artist, but due to a one-day dare, I was able to learn Adobe Photoshop on my own. Now, I'm enjoying Photoshop better here in my sister's macbook.

As I type, I can just imagine Mitch's face when he hears about this. I'm not saying that I would go as far as buy a Macbook tomorrow, but I am now acknowledging the possibility in the future. I have become open-minded when it comes to this. At least I know why I want it. I just hope I won't drown in his tsunami of an ego. Nevertheless, I was honest and I stand by whatever gloating that will come.

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