Saturday, May 8, 2010

I've never been so labeled

I never had problems with pre-employment medical exams. I don't have any fear of needles. I like to hang out in HMO offices (weird, I know). And I think it's a good thing to have a quick check-up on my part. I was also confident because as far as I was concerned, I had no medical problems.

Last weekend I devoted my time fixing required documents and completing my medical exam. The HMO office is in a building across Makati Medical Center and it was newly remodeled. Some chairs still had plastic on it. It was spacious, organized and very cold, which is always a blessing this summer. Personally, medical exams are way better than getting your NBI clearnace renewed. It was a breeze and before handing me the completion slip, the doctor asked me to come back a week after for my urine test since I just had my period. There was nothing I could do about it. The company I'm sure will understand.

I just submitted my documents as scheduled and waited for a week to complete my medical exam.

Then the HR officer requested a brief appointment with me yesterday regarding my medical results. I figured it had something to do with the missing urine test, which I had yet to submit. I never thought there were any problems. After finally completing my medical tests yesterday from Makati I immediately drove to Fort for my HR appointment. After an hour, the HR officer finally met up with me with half a smile, smirk and a feeling of embarrassment, while he handed me another slip.

While reading the slip he explained that I had to go back to the HMO to secure another clearance from an Intnernist that I am Fit to work. I can submit it any day before my start date. While he was explaining, I was looking for the exact reason and it was due to: Overweight. He didn't even dare say the reason. He just let me read and figure out by myself.

Since I'm very transparent, he immediately saw the shock, embarrassment and confusion in my face. He then automatically explained that they take high concern with the health of their employees as if he was waiting for me to break down any minute. He assured that it was not the first time that they sent someone to secure another special clearance. (Yeah, the last time I checked they have well-rounded individuals there). That meeting was awkward and I quickly smiled and left as if I was just receiving my current tax report.

As soon as I got out of the building, I wanted to laugh and hit someone. I called a few colleagues to share this story and sort out how I really felt about it.

Here are their reactions:

I called an honest colleague.

Me: You will not believe this. I had no problems with my medical exams, it was just that I had to secure another one. It is a minor clearance, but required.
M.M.: Ano daw yun?
ME: They want a doctor to provide a clearance that I am a fit to work.
M.M.: (Laughs) Nako, bakit daw? Mental yan noh?
ME: G*g*. Overweight daw ako.
M.M.: (Laughs hard)
Me: (Laughs) I see obese level 5 people here so I'm really not that affected. It's just that this is the first time I had to go through with this. I didn't know companies get concerned something as minor as their employees' weight. What do you think I should do?
M.M.: I know what. You have exactly 2 weeks to go on a crash diet and work out. Tapos, pag punta mo dun sa doctor with your hard rock abs, you ask. "Do I need to go on a routine test or (flashing my abs) this is enough to secure my clearance?"
ME: Or!! I'll join a fun run, 10K probably then immediately go straight to the doctor, sweaty, geared up and all and tell him: "Sorry, I didn't have time to shower. I just finished my normal 10K race." Emphasis on the NORMAL.
ME: Kakahiya, shit. Kalokohan na to.

I called my mom about it.

ME: (Narrating what happened)
Mother: Nako patay. Syempre, they don't want their overweight employees getting a heart attack. Sabi ko naman sayo, start dieting na!

I had lunch with my brother at KFC yesterday. I expected a thrashing.

ME: (Narrating what happened)
JD: Why would you still be surprised? It's fact. You are obviously, obviously overweight.
ME: Go! Order me another Chewy Cheese please.

Then my boyfriend showed up and joined us at KFC.

ME: (Narrating what happened)
JD and MITCH: (Laughed as hard as they could)
MITCH: Babe, balik ka nang gym kasi. (Laughing) Still love you.

I called my fitness friend Jim.

ME: (Narrating what happened)
JIM: Talaga? (Laughing) Well, just take it as a good gesture on their part. They give emphasis to their employees and it is about time to...blah blah blah (Boring stuff)
Teka, pano ba mag follow up ng application dun?
ME: Haha!

So, it was a fun wake-up call.

Yeah, I do need to lose some weight and I do not need a global company to tell me that. In fact I really plan to be physically active and get back on the gym once and for all. \

Good news is that my new office will be strategically located near the gym. Bad news is that unfortunately the gym is demonically located beside Cold Rock and Burger Avenue.

I also plan to enforce a strict diet when I start my new job. It will be hard, but it will be for the new and better me. Just give me more time to enjoy my pseudo-summer break. But if I don't start any time sooner, I'll be doomed for Christmas. I still have half a year left.

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KAYA PALA! OH well uu mahigpit nga sila dito... but dont worry i saw foreigners here 2 1/2x size ni carlo lamason hihihiihi... basta oa sa higpit dito... haha nagyun ko lang nabsa blog mo ulet.... hahhaha dont get frustratd kakain ka pa rin papalitan nten ng GULAY GULAY GULAY YAN.. pra kahit napakarami nyan.. gulay gulay at prutas yan..