Sunday, May 23, 2010

Forget about NBA HA!

I really really really should get back into tennis.

Once upon a time I was a tennis fanatic. I was a great fan of Sebastien Grosjean and Gustavo Kuerten. I was such a die hard fan that I made a necklace that spelled Guga and ate bananas all day. I would watch French Open on cable for hours. Other matches, I automatically record in VHS. I don't just watch them just because male tennis players are naturally well-built, handsome, a balance of lean and muscular, hardworking runners and has powerful arm power. *I swoon* I watch them because I appreciate tennis as a sport. Ha-ha.

I've played tennis when I was a little girl. My dad enrolled me one summer and I learned the basics. After that I began playing with friends. Now I desperately want to go back. Next to swimming, tennis is my next favorite sport. I've tried badminton and it bored me. Tennis is more challenging. In tennis, you have to really work out on your endurance and body strength. You have to cover a lot of space in tennis so you have to be prepared to run. Also, the reaction time needed when the ball returns to your court is as fast as hell. You can't just hit the ball and stand. You hit the ball across the court and you observe, you strategize while already moving to your next position. There's more strategy, consistency and power needed in Tennis. It's a very difficult sport.

In the season of Gustavo Kuerten I have been exposed to Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal when they were still starting to get famous. And look at them now. Top seed. Tennis elites. The prime rivalry. Two of the most powerful and strategic players. Both handsome and in good form. A Swiss and a Spaniard. Athletic supremo. Devils in the court.

Forget about NBA, this is the real deal!

I have a colleague who is more knowledgeable in the world of tennis right now. He has observed and watched these two players religiously. He is for Roger Federer play-wise and because he gets annoyed at how Nadal always wears sleeveless shirts while constantly flexing his amazing biceps everytime he scores or loses a point. Most of his shots are captured with the infamous fist closed pose. Well in defense, I am for Rafa Nadal. He runs fast, hits hard and values every point even if it's nearly impossible. Plus, I always win when I use him at Virtual Tennis. It must tell something. And for the record, I love his biceps. It's a simple case that if you got it, then flaunt it.

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