Friday, May 28, 2010

My 5th Job update

So if you've read my blog you will know that I have recently transferred jobs. It's almost in the same cutthroat industry, but I've transferred to a top multinational company, migrating a new process for a new project, working at a new kick ass office and location, assuming a new and improved role in my whole professional life. Whew. I just reported last Monday and that's the reason why I haven't been online for the past few days. I am so focused with work right now that it surprises me. In my whole entire professional life, I've never been this excited.

I don't know if you will believe me, but consider this my happiest transition to a new company ever. For the first four days of my initial introduction I am very excited to go to work. Call it the product of brainwashing, but I think I've joined the best. The hunger for knowledge and challenges made me want to get up and drive towards the building, and the building my-oh-my, the pride and the wonderful facilities make me so proud and motivated. This might not make sense to anyone working. Who gets motivated this much? Which company do I work for? Wait, who even gets motivated for work? You might think that I am a fresh graduate only that I've been working for 7 years and I've had four previous jobs , where I moved up and experienced the best and the worst.

So far, my past four days' of experience in my new company was a blast and I hope it would still get better from here. Below are the basic things I immediately felt that I've made the right choice.

My 5th Company

I had four days of intensive induction for new hires. It doesn't matter if you're experienced or not, all of us had to go through it. They invested time, activities and aligned key persons to fully enlighten us on specific topics that will help our stay in the company. From theoretical to application they had tackled it.

Naturally they discussed Code of Conducts, Mission Vision, Different deliverable of departments and for the benefit of new graduates, they discussed the banking industry, how lines of businesses under a bank work and what the company is all about. Mix it up with roughly four days of fun activities, learning and intense assessment tests, we are bound to be walking knowledgeable individuals.

For others who might not know what the company is all about, they are thoroughly enlightened and proud that they've joined.

For others who might have a vague understanding of the banking industry and the specific line of business, they are now enlightened and hyped up to work.

For others who do not know why they're there, they now know that they belong to one of the best organizations that would allow them to succeed.

For the fresh graduates, they are the lucky ones to start their careers strong. For the experienced few, we knew we finally made the right choice.

Old Companies

I've never had a thorough New Employees Orientation before. It usually happens one day to two days maximum. The programs were often compressed and there were no gauge if we understood it or not. There were no exams to begin with. They only delve more on activities and engagement, but the knowledge wasn't quite embedded. The business philosophies were not emphasized. It made me think how much they value people.


My 5th Company

Where do I start? The building is new and state of the art. They invested on supreme marbles, logo and a career hub that invites people as supposed to scaring them away. The office space is phenomenal. The colors are enticing and customized. The interior is modern and very sophisticated.

Let's focus on little things:

Ground floor, there is a supreme security system. State of the art Turnslides are adapted to go in and out of the building. There are sophisticated lighting and waiting areas.

Vendo machines with so many different drinks are located per floor. Water dispensers are given. The pantry area per floor has more than three tables, complete with appliances and flat screen TVs. The lightning system and interiors are modern. Each floor has a quick lobby and a TV for those who are waiting for the elevator.

The canteen occupies the whole floor so it's really spacious. You will never run out of seats. There is a terrace for smokers and flat screen TVs for those catching up with their soaps. There are couches, cool sitting areas for an intimate discussion, huge ice dispensers, glasses, microwaves and sinks not to mention there are vendos left and right. Tons of freebies.

On the production floor, the conference rooms are endless. The computers and phones are top of the line and most updated. The colors are warm and the comfort rooms are spacious and modern.

Old Companies

I did have manageable facilities with two of my past companies, suffered an intense setback in two others since they're local. If you want to experience the best facilities, multinational companies are the way to go. They don't cost cut on the basic and important stuff and the computers are updated. In some cases, some companies cannot even provide a coffee dispenser or a toaster. In most multinational companies, you will be proud to be seen working in a building that's not run down.

Although, in some multinational companies that I've worked for there were not as much freebies as what I'm receiving now. The office were not that well-kept anymore and there had been hints of drastic cost cutting here and there.


My 5th Company

The teams there are phenomenal. They have a team for everything to assist you from recruitment, to onboarding and even to project managers that will handle your team before you take the reigns. They provide you with computers, single sign on IDs without any hassles. They make sure that things are turned over at the right time and place for you to absorb.

Old Companies

It's every man for himself. In the first few days after the so-called orientation, usually you will be sitting in a desk with no computers and no tasks assigned. You will have to ask someone to assist you with the things you need, which is a huge favor since people there have work. You don't know where things go, the offices and the people you need to go to.

So far these are the major signs that made me realize that I made a right choice. I'm not yet working for any given function. I'm still transitioning. Aside from the fact that the building's location is sophisticated and phenomenal, inside it's even better. I just hope they won't kill me with work and make me repay these wonderful stuff with my life. If they cared enough to acquire these things for their employees, I guess that's sending already positive note.

They are doing a good job motivating people. It's a good thing because I've never been this excited to go to work.[1].jpg

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