Sunday, May 23, 2010

Let Willie resign

I was a fan of Willie because he was an underdog who pulled himself to primetime stardom. He got himself into trouble, usually marital, in public as far as I could remember. He was never the leading man type. He's not a box office actor and he's not exactly what you would call credible. Yet he makes people happy and that's something hard to achieve.

But he has charisma and a great one. Probably he exudes connection with different kinds of people so well because he has candid honesty. He shares what he wants and he doesn't pretend what he's not. But he just overdid it.

He may be a powerful money source for a network. He built Wowowee from scratch and it's now a household noontime show. It was fun until he got tired and frustrated with things. Though he is a public figure, not all frustrations and threats should be made on air. He may be the hot thing right now, but he's not god. I believe there is a proper venue for everything. Threatening your work, your co-workers and your management on air recently was just one of his strings of misstep that sprang from sheer arrogance and power that have gone way too far. Worse, this is not the first time it happened.

What Wowowee did to him is build his self confidence. The once underdog can now demand for work because he has proven himself profitable. Maybe he's just tired and hurt. But if he threatens that he would resign, maybe it's for the good. He really needs to watch replays and reflect.

Let him resign if he wants. Frankly, the last thing I need to see on TV is a power-tripping airhead. He needs to get a one way ticket back to earth badly.

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