Sunday, May 2, 2010

A day in Nuvali

I'm currently in a financial turmoil. And since I'm transferring work, certain sources of income are put on hold. My phone and credit card bills are ballooning as we speak. I've been receiving text messages to remind me of my overdue. It sucks, but I know this will be over soon. Though this is one of the worst feelings ever.

Anyways, at least a free day cheered me up. I went down South to Sta. Rosa to get away from the city. It was practically wrong timing since everyone else was going away for the long weekend. But I did see Nuvali, fed Koi Fishes, had a sumptuous dinner at Omakase and spent a day with Mitch. In the Solenad, Nuvali's sophisticated commercial center, you could have a river boat ride worth 30 pesos, buy feeds worth 15 pesos per pack and just dine out at the world class restaurants there. I believe they have David's Tea house, posh Filipino food, Yellow Cab, Brother's Burger, Starbucks, Conti's and a Japanese restaurant. The setting and the trip were enough to pull me out of my financial misery for a bit. I could just daydream living in Nuvali. I like places like this where there is nature and sufficient commercial centers. The place is peaceful and green. It's the perfect place to retire.

It was a fun day. Despite going back to the dreadful reality, I hope the misery would be over soon.

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