Monday, May 10, 2010

The BIG Day

Today is the most anticipated election day in the Philippines. It's a big deal since we would be voting for the highest officials in this country who could have the best chance of ending corruption, paving the way for prosperity and representing the country globally. Also, today's not just an ordinary election day because this would be the very first time this country would adopt an automated system of counting. No longer do we have to write the names of our candidates. We just have to shade and directly let the machine scan and record our votes. It should be liberating.

Negativism should be out the window. Politicians should just shut their mouths, reflect and stay calm enough not trace everything to cheating. Activists should be vigilant, but not exaggerated. That goes for media too. People today should be more positive and hopeful that change is being done. This is our tiny effort to make things right so let's take it seriously.

And with that I would be expecting...

1. Long queue in lines. I hate waiting especially in this heat, but this is for my mother country. That is the sacrifice I might have to take. I pray for God to give me strength so that I won't hyperventilate and get cranky. This is the best day to exercise self-restraint.

2. Trashed votes. That's a bummer, but let's be realistic because this could be mine. I am expecting a couple of ballots being rejected. It might either be a machine or a voter error. I hope people have educated themselves on how to vote. The information is everywhere. It's in the newspapers, internet and even word of mouth. People should've read up and depended on themselves to know the instructions. I hope my machine doesn't jack up. This would be very frustrating indeed, but I'll do my best for my country.

3. Missed chances. This is our chance to elect someone we believe could best change our country. We know our is suffering from too much political, economic and social issues. We need someone who has a strong vision, has good work ethics and could be influential enough to get things done in his watch. We have seen their advocacy and we have heard their platforms, I hope as citizens we discern their capabilities and be honest with ourselves. Let's not vote due to popularity. Let's not vote just because we feel like it. We should be responsible enough to assess things. Let's not miss this chance to make things right.

4. Exaggeration. Media is very efficient in providing feedbacks in any national event. Media here has a very powerful reach and influence. I do hope the news don't get too exaggerated. Politicians and other activists should not feed the fire. We are capable human beings and we can make things work. If there are problems, need not glamorize it. We need media for truth, not for drama.

A lot of my friends now are updating their statuses in Facebook. It's good to know that despite minor blips like heat and long lines, they had successful experiences in voting. I hope mine would be too. I'm positive. I'm hopeful and I'm excited! I can't help but feel nationalistic.

Last night I was completing my list of senators, vice president and president. I've completed them all and I woke up this morning with strong affirmation on my chosen candidates. I'll post my choices as soon as I have voted.

This is it, Philippines! God bless us all!

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