Saturday, May 1, 2010

Too much Japanese

I've had too many Japanese food for this week. I love Japanese, but I've had too much. And whenever I eat Japanese, I go out of the restaurant feeling bloated, heavy and thick. Thanks to the carbo-loaded bento boxes and donburis I always order, sashimis are just reduced to pricey appetizers.

For this week I ate lunch and dinner (at different days) in Suzu Kin in BF. I had a sumptuous lunch at Seryna at Little Tokyo in Makati with Bags. Lastly, just a few hours ago, I had a loaded dinner with Mitch at Omakase Alabang. Noted that these are my favorite Japanese restaurants to date, which holds tons of signature dishes and memories.


Mitch introduced me to Suzu Kin in Makati somewhere in Kamagong two years ago. He took me for an early lunch out in what resembled like a ground floor of a house remodeled to a simple restaurant. The place is simple with wooden chairs, basic japanese sauces per table and uniformed waitresses. Nihonggo scripts are on the walls. We ordered the usual sashimis which cost fairly cheaper compared to the usual Japanese restaurants I've been to in more distinguished locations. We ordered the usual Tendon-Katsudon meals and was amazed by the serving size for the price. The taste was authentic and the seafood fresh. It became an instant favorite. No wonder it was one of the hidden gems of Makati.

The next time we went there we were with his brother and a friend. We were all excited to eat a hearty, authentic and cheap Japanese meal when the store was robbed with us inside it. I've never seen the barrel of a gun upclose until that time. It was one of the most horrifying experiences I've ever had. Since then, we made up other excuses to go to the BF branch instead. For this week I went there twice with Mitch then with his family to celebrate his mom's birthday. I ordered for the Tempura Meal Set complete with Miso soup which costs 200 bucks.


Seryna is in Little Tokyo in Makati where across there is the infamous Makati Cinema Square where a treasure of pirated DVDs are to be found. My father introduced us to Little Tokyo. My father practically introduced us to most of the hidden, sumptuous and world class restaurants I've ever known. Whenever we decide to eat Japanese, we know that he'd take us there. Little Tokyo is not a restaurant but a place where authentic Japanese restaurants are located complete with the interiors and Japanese chefs slicing your sashimi. Most customers are businessmen and affluent japanese. There we were introduced to Seryna, a simple but authentic Japanese restaurant where they are famous with their lunch boxes that cost 350 pesos which includes, soup, fruit desserts and tea.

I brought my friend Bags there for lunch on Friday. Stupid me, I forgot that reservation is strictly encouraged. The place was packed as early as 11:30, good thing they had an available table for 2 people near the sushi bar, otherwise we would've waited for eternity. As most of you know Japanese take their time.


Omakase is introduced by my sister who is a Japanese food lover. She kept on swearing on their Spicy Tuna Salad and American Dream. One Sunday after mass she braved to take us to the famous jampacked restaurant located at the white building (Casa ___) across ATC where we first tasted sushi dipped in cream cheese. She was right. It was heaven. Their meals are authentic, strictly japanese with good servings. But their claim to fame is their fresh and ingenous sushis and the Spicy Tuna Salad, which is their best seller. After our Sta. Rosa escape today, I took Mitch there for dinner. He was impressed with the Spicy Tuna Salad, a far better cry than what we had in fastfood Teriyaki Boy. He was also happy with the serving as he didn't need to order extra rice.

I come home again exhausted and filled up. My stomach again ballooned from too much rice and sushi. I think I've already had my Japanese fill. No more Japanese for me at least for one week.

And to distinguish my three favorite japanese restaurants from each other, aside from being authentic and yummy, the cheapest would be Suzukin, the most expensive and professional is Seryna and the most ingenuous would be Omakase. Take your pick. Actually, it doesn't matter. Whatever you pick, you won't loose.


Casa Susana, ATC, Alabang Commercial Corp.

Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila


(02) 771-1443


2277 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati City
Telephone: +632 894-3855
Fax: +632 894-3853


9753 Kamagong cor. Sampaloc St., San Antonio Village

Makati City, Metro Manila


(02) 896-7143

G-1 Parkplace, 98 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes ParaƱaque

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