Thursday, May 13, 2010


Transitioning is required when we are faced with big changes that would affect people, systems, organizations and processes. Lack of proper transitioning could result to stress and chaos that could have easily been avoided. As required and normal in every aspect of people's lives, transition is expected to take energy, and if not done right, could take lots of time and resources. I always recognize whenever this phase comes up in my life. And when it does, I know better thanto fill my platter. Unlike some people, I take it one step at a time. I study the would-be changes and then gradually submit to it. Transitioning is a serious step for me and unless I am a master of changes, a crash course approach is not an option.

This year will mark another major transition in my life. A week from now, I will be transferring to my new corporate home. I was surprised with the speed of things, yet I should be thankful because I've worked for this during the first quarter and it is listed in my 2010 goal. I could proudly tick that off on my list and send a prayer of thanks. I know I want this and I know I'm lucky, capable and determined enough to have achieved it. But transferring from one corporation to another is a hard task. Aside from being excited, I am also nervous and anxious about it.

Unlike some of my colleagues I am more familiar on this particular transition. During this phase, I would have to feel at home at my new office including gauging my travel time, route and desk comfort. In this phase a lot of time is spent on observation and studying. I would observe culture, people and their strengths. It's harder if you immediately assume a supervisory role. It's expected that you would have to study and observe more in possible constrained time, which I will be doing in less than two weeks.

I could think of 101 reasons to be nervous and afraid, but I could think of better reasons to go through with this change. The only thing that separates me from staying where I am and ignore the possibility of change is my desire for it. So cheers to upcoming hard work and stress.

On a positive and lighter note, I think Noynoy Aquino and I have something in common (so I thought). Noynoy is leading in the Presidential race and just so you know, I didn't vote for him, but I'm gracefully accepting that he could be the next best president of this country. He is given time with the current president to achieve a "smooth transition." But it's all but smooth since as early as now, he has to think of a lot of things. He has his own cabinet to form, policies and constitutions to master and programs to prioritize. As might guess, he must be anxious and a bit nervous, though I'm also sure he is excited to perform his best since he desired and worked hard for this position. Transition may be a lot of work and it's certainly very painful. But what's pain if you're transitioning to something or somewhere you want? I'm now in the process and it has never felt this good.

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