Monday, May 10, 2010

Finally, I've voted.

After baking under the sun and tasting my own sweat, I've finally voted after 2 hours of hell.

Just like everyone else, I had to endure people bitching because of the heat and long lines. That came with the human-heat smell and the overall standing discomfort. As a bonus, I was also exposed to misinformed and ungracious individuals who were criticizing and biting people's heads off. In any normal day, I would've been on a rampage, but this is not any other normal day. This is the glorious election day. It's important, it's a privilege and a choice I took for my nation. One day of discomfort over the nation's future is a small price to pay.

Hence there are no benefits in being consumed with negativity. Vigilance is not the same as being Pessimistic. Before we unleash our criticisms, we must get useful information. True it was a terrible snake-like line for some, as most of the voters know, there were many individual precincts to accommodate a selected group of voters before. In this elections, voters of 4-5 precincts are "clustered" into one. This results to one pcos machine per cluster, which explains the long queues. But we must appreciate this chance to change our voting system. We have to try at least. I don't know about other people's experiences but the name verification and the actual voting (shading) were the main contributors to the line and not the pcos machine. Inserting the ballots in the machines, where scanning is included, did not last more than 10 seconds.

Let's all wait for more information. Watch the news and hear both sides. We're all tired and god knows the analysts, teachers and canvass volunteers are still out there managing and transmitting our votes, and in some areas, revisiting the manual process. Let's just pray and be patient. Again, bitching around would not help.

I think I'll sleep early. I've been tired and up the whole day. I'll share my votes and sentiments on tomorrow's post.

May the results be transmitted well and may Philippines welcome the rightful candidates soon.

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

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