Saturday, May 29, 2010

Information Overload

Information overload is the state of having too much information to make a decision or remained informed about a topic. (wiki)

In a nutshell, this just means that you've reached your information-absorption capacity that you can't understand or digest anything anymore. Or to put it bluntly, your brain overheats, malfunctions and shuts down for acquiring too much data.

I think my mind is specially stressed for this week. I had live and online trainings, which required me to understand basic to complex business models. I had to memorize and recall. My mind was given a jolted exercise for consecutive days and I know that technical business terms and complex concepts really made my brain overheat.

One particular sign that I'm suffering from information overload is that when I would keep reading a particular sentence over and over again yet I wouldn't understand a thing. My mind would stop processing the message. Another sign is when I force it, I have instant migraine at a localized part near the amigdala.

Why am I even talking about this? Straight from work, I went with my family to Thunderbirds Resort in Antipolo for some quick R&R. God knows I need one right now. I'm currently in a cold comfortable bed, with fluffy 300 thread sheets in a hotel room, enjoying free wifi and looking forward to a massage and cake. Work's been fun and challenging for the past week, but for now, my mind can't process anything else. Consider this a well-deserved rest day.

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