Thursday, May 20, 2010

I did it

I went to Eastwood City Libis this morning to finally fix my clearance papers from my now-ex-employer. Since I do not normally go to this place (I've been here twice or thrice in my entire life and usually my last trips here I was the inattentive passenger), I asked a lot of directions from all Libis experts I know. All of them were pretty much consistent and thanks to their understanding and patience, I was able to reach Libis unscathed. I had breakfast there, searched for my signatories and I finally submitted the final copy to the end-all secretary.

"Do you have a Citibank Corporate card?" I answered "No."
"Do you have loans" I answered " None"
"Do you have any memberships that Citibank sponsored?" I answered "None."

"All right, you're clear."

By 11 am, I was already out of the building, formally ending my relationship with Citibank, my now ex-employer. Less attachments, less hassles. I figured, maybe it was God telling me not to get a car when I was in Citibank. I was about to, but someone else got my exact model. I pulled out my loan. I got mad. I was frustrated and I was eager to get some other car just to spite fate. But thank god I didn't or else I wouldn't have been finished with my clearance. Thank God!

It's funny when I went through the technicalities of deleting my virtual profile or accomplishing my clearance, I didn't feel anything. For me it was just another thankful career in an organization that ended at the right time. I know that it's definitely not the end of the world and for all I know some people may be rejoicing on my surprise departure. Nevertheless, I don't really intend to know what they feel. For me, it's time to look forward to my new professional home.

This is it. I finally did it. I searched for an opportunity, worked hard for it, got it and said goodbye to Citibank that took care of me and promoted me for all my efforts. As I've stressed in the exit interview, the reasons behind my resignation are only because of three things: much better Pay and compensation, Another promotion and better location. These are my non-negotiables otherwise I would've stayed. The choice was so clear that it didn't take me another minute to decide.

As I left my building yesterday I knew it would be my last as an employee. I did not look back. I am always a human of the future, always moving forward. It was painful to leave esteemed colleagues behind. I might not miss the work, but I will certainly miss some people. Contrary to popular belief, I will miss them a lot.

As I passed my final clearance to the executive secretary, I exhaled hard and went to meet up a friend for lunch and dessert. That was when it dawned on me that I finally did it. I will finally leave Citi behind, but with a happier heart and a positive outlook in life.

Again, I will welcome a huge change in my life and I'm happy.

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