Monday, May 17, 2010

The Resignation Countdown

Resigning is not alien to me anymore. I don’t really know if people find this immediately negative or positive given the fact that I’ve had four full-time jobs in reputable organizations and I am now entering my fifth job after 7 years of working. The longest I’ve stayed with the organization is two years, and the shortest I’ve stayed was for 8 months.

Personally I believe resigning for the right reasons isn’t a bad thing no matter how many times you do it. People work for various reasons and those who work for charity belong to the distinct minority. We work primarily to supply our material needs that are more likely to change through time. We also work for self fulfillment, constantly challenging ourselves to achieve more while testing or enhancing our capabilities. I don’t see anything wrong with that. That’s completely acceptable human nature. We don’t work just to kill time and waste money (unless you want to of course) otherwise that’s stupid and resigning from your doggone, thankless and unfit career/job would be the best favor you’ll ever do to yourself. As humans, we have the power to choose what’s best for us. We have the capability to make ourselves better and counter whatever we feel we are somehow programmed to do. I know of practicing doctors completely changing careers into becoming businessmen. I think it’s fairly stupid and undermining for us to totally subject ourselves to any forms of professional torture when there are better opportunities and better choices to make.

Contrary to popular belief among friends and family, I don’t resign just because I feel like it. Of all the organizations I’ve left behind, I resigned because primarily there were better opportunities offered to me and that because as a professional, the thirst for change was imminent. When asked in exit interviews on the reason of my surprise departures, I always emphasize on career growth, which specifically includes better package and compensation offered. There is no reason to be hypocrite about this. Unless I have completely woken up without any single materialistic desire on positions, benefits and salaries in a private and corporate world, then I could probably say that I have shifted to a non-profit, non-partisan work merely because of the self fulfillment reasons. But until that time comes, jumping from one corporate house to the other depends on the glossy package that is offered. If I resign just to receive less pay in the same industry that would be really foolish of me. When I join a new organization, there must be a better offer than what I am currently receiving whether it may be in terms of salary, benefits or position. Others take in consideration the new location and time. The point is, I transfer for a better professional life.

Also, I may also resign due to a so-called life and death situation. Once I resigned in this global organization not because I have a job offer, it’s because of health reasons. Emotionally and physically I was down in the dumps. I couldn’t properly drive, sleep or eat that led me to be hospitalized. Emotionally, I wasn’t in tip top shape either. I got easily frustrated, very obsessive and careless in my relationships. Work was eating me up in a bad way and the only way to better myself was to get out while I am still in one piece. I resigned without applying for another job and took 6 months of well-deserved rest. On the month that I’ve regained myself back, thank god it only took me a month to get hired in a start up company until it closed down that led me to my fourth job.

Now, I’m entering my fifth job and this would be a big leap for me in terms of the pay, responsibilities, location and time. The overall compensation and package are really tempting. It’s better than what I am receiving right now. I was also offered a pioneer project with a much higher post compared to my soon to be ex-job. Location wise, this will be also a major plus for me since it’s nearer from my home minus the clogged streets and traffic. Time is something of a let down since I would be covering odd hours at the first few months due to instability of operations, but I’ve done that before and I survived. It wasn’t really a problem for me and though I prefer a day job, it’s the least of my concerns. Other better benefits outweigh this single letdown and it’s quite stupid of me to let this opportunity pass.

So after all the talks and submissions, I am now in my last week in my soon to be fourth ex-job. Starting Monday I will find myself in a new building, doing new stuff and being surrounded by new people. And since I’ve been familiar with transitioning and change, it’s something that I am excited about. I have colleagues who have stayed in their jobs forever, wallowing in their comfort zones. The aspect of resigning and moving on to a new world or process seems daunting to them. It sometimes hinders their supposed growth. Good thing I have no problems with that. Albeit it would be sad as it takes a little effort to adjust and make it work again, nothing could rain on my parade and I am willing in making that change for the better. One week gives me five work days of worthy countdown. I hope everything goes well.

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